Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Follow-up to Your Soul Here, Now and Forever

Follow-up to Your Soul Here, Now and Forever

   So, What am I to do with this insight on our total life's journey which bridges the past present and future?

    That is the question which I have been pondering and praying about and in doing so it came to me that in general, humans on the spiritual level, have a tendency to only deal with the here and now.  Physically most of us worry about the future in some form or fashion whether it be about our health or material stability and at some point we may try and prepare for that future.  This could be through savings or physical exercise but as far a our spiritual health the majority of us try and keep the notion of where we will be after or physical bodies have expired at arms length.

    I suppose that make sense, not wanting to think about death and perhaps just believing in God and the "after-life" is enough.  But, if you know that this is a transition phase and your soul existed before your physical body and you know that Earth is where you develop your spiritual personality, would you live life differently? As well, would this not take a bit of the edge off of worrying about dying or not seeing a loved one after they were gone from this Earth

   Now I'm sure the significance of our soul and spiritual make up, is not a revelation to those who have developed a much closer relationship with God than I, but to me this concept gives life to the idea of putting to much emphasis on the material world.  As well, this concept of knowing the soul existed before the presence of  us here on Earth as opposed to it originating simultaneously with the development of the physical body seems to unfold a much greater plan for us as beings.  It also puts into perspective just how much we worry about the minor or even major troubles in life and in the scheme of things just aren't that important.

   Jesus came and laid out what we should strive for in this phase of our life, he didn't expect us to reach them 100 percent and nor does God but what they do desire is that we try the best we can to follow their teachings.  As we do or not do this our spiritual make-up starts to take shape and these attitudes and directions we seek will carry into the next realm. 
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