Friday, April 16, 2021  
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The One Thing That Matters


                                                            The One Thing That Matters

     Watching the news last night a version of a story was being re-told for what seemed like the thousandth time, it was a story about the death of Anna Nicole Smith a person who became famous for first posing nude and then marrying a very rich old man.  Anna has been the center of the presses attention for quite a while and now in her death has dominated the entertainment shows.  Her life, although filled with fame and an inordinate amount of money, never really seemed to find much happiness in her existence and from what I could tell, was much of the time on drugs.
    From this, two things came to mind.  First, it struck me that we give so much attention to this one individual but thousands of other women and men who die of similar deaths, not only go virtually unnoticed but in some ways welcomed. We havenít really seemed to grasp the notion that God has not identified certain people to be better than others, but God is equally with each and every one of us whether rich or poor, famous or unknown. 
   Second, it doesnít matter at which end of the social spectrum you are on, to much emphasis can be put on the wrong aspects of life which in either environment can lead one to seek refuge from the pain or emptiness we encounter by over indulging in such substances as alcohol or drugs. Ultimately, the end result will be the same for each individual if steps arenít taken to intervene, but what are those steps.
   The fact is, life can be painful, and here is where I can inject what I have learned about life as I have both experienced placing to much emphasis on the wrong aspects of life and felt its emptiness.  Godís Energy makes a difference.  How can I put this is terms that others will listen to with out coming off in such a way as to immediately turn off who ever might be reading this because it sounds like rhetoric. 
   I have always believed that a God exists, I have prayed and turned to prayer when I was hurting but when everything was going well, religion seemed to be less important.  I know this is a pretty common pattern for much of humanity and in some respects one could take the view that at least most of us believe there is a God.  But, what you donít have a sense of is the contentment that God brings when you actually open yourself to the fact that God is within each of us and wants to help us find how life is meant to be lived.
    Although I canít really explain it in words, there is a difference in how I approach life now that I have tried to focus on becoming more at one spiritually with God.  Life seems to have more substance and things which were important to me before arenít as important to me now.  How I see others is different as well, before I cared about others but now I really care about others.  People at all levels of the social spectrum ask about what is the one thing in life that makes a difference, some will say money others successful careers but no matter what I suspect the only thing that in fact will give any human real completeness is a relationship with God.  A relationship that has evolved to a point where you approach the world seeking to put others before oneself.  You see, I believe I am just getting to this point and two things crystallize the importance of Godís energy in my life, first, I still waiver in my closeness to God because at times I let the world override my spiritual health but when I concentrate and let God guide me and energize my soul, I know the difference.  I am physically and spiritually a different person. Second, I can reflect back on my past and even though there are many who would say I was very successful, I see a life that was ruled a great deal by fear and in spite of the money and success, there was something clearly missing.  That something was obviously my acceptance that Godís Energy is not just a part of my life but the most important component of my being.
    I began writing this with several ideas that I felt needed to be written about but I wasnít clear how they were to be put together.  The first was, in truth we may define levels of society but through the Energy of God we are all equals, and each of us, no matter who we are, will never really find satisfaction in life without developing a relationship with God.  The rich will want to be richer and the poor will wish they were rich.  Once Godís Energy is allowed to flow freely through ones soul your perspective changes and the search for what is important becomes not only clear but attainable.
    The other concern that Iím not sure I have found an answer for is, how do I find a way to reach others poor or rich, and touch something in them that opens them to the truth that God is here for all of us. Helping them understand that Godís loving energy cuts across all barriers and artificial walls which society has put up and will give each and everyone of us, the one thing in life that really matters.