Friday, April 16, 2021  
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The Physical World Within The Spiritual World

                                                                The Physical World Within the Spiritual World

        I’ve wrestled for several days on how, if, or could I write the following in a way which would convey my conversations with God and Jesus in an appropriate and effective way, a way that I do justice to the subject.  That subject is how does the “physical world” we live in relate to the “Spiritual world” we as humans tend to believe we may or may not be headed for once our presence on Earth comes to an end.  My first attempt addressed this concept from the perspective that as we live in the physical world we actually are living in a sub-set of the spiritual.  The following was this attempt to understand God’s words to me…

    when it comes to how the majority of humans understand the physical verses the spiritual worlds, most basically have it backwards as far as how they believe the “physical world” is related to the “spiritual world”.  The greatest majority of humans focus on the physical world as their principle domain and therefore place most, if not all, of their attention on this aspect of their being.  It is where they believe they were intended to exist,and the spiritual world is one which they may or may not move on to once their time on Earth is complete. The error of this belief is, there are not two separate “worlds” at all, but actually the “physical world” exists within the “spiritual world”, in other words, the world as humans know it is what one might consider a subset of the spiritual world. Ultimately, what this means, is when it is time for one to leave their physical body, the act of moving to the next realm is a natural and enlightening process  as the spiritual body leaves the physical body so it can begin “life” in the form I intend for you to become.  However, for those still in the physical world this separation of body and  soul by a loved one  is extremely painful, but the fact is, as painful as it is for those who believe they have “lost” one they love, what they have “lost” is the physical component of the human and the spiritual component or the soul, which is the most important, is very much “alive”.  If you think about it, ultimately, did I send Jesus or other spiritual leaders into the physical world to heal bodies, or did I send them to heal souls. I also don’t want to minimize the pain which comes from physical loss of a loved one because this pain is without comparison.  But as hard as it is to understand, it also means that those who have gone through this stage of their being, can and do remain close to those who are still in their physical state.

 The fact is, as I read and re-read this explanation; I didn’t feel that I fully grasped the totality of the relationship between the physical and the spiritual, so I prayed for further understanding.  God’s explanation was, “you are trying to understand the spiritual from a physical perspective, you have developed this from the human eye and what you were taught about the spiritual world was from teachers, the Bible and other sources which discuss “religion”.  In effect they aren’t wrong from a practical sense but the depth and intent of their teachings doesn’t convey the reality of how the “Spiritual” and the “Physical” relate.”  “You are almost right when you use the term “sub-set” to describe the physical worlds position as it relates to the spiritual world’s, however the fact is the physical is one in the same as the Spiritual world in every aspect.”

    “What the humans have a hard time grasping is the concept that as you exist in human form you are in your second stage of your spiritual development, the first being the soul that you have was in its infant form before it became at one with the physical body you now know.  It in this stage, that of being a human, you develop your spiritual personality.  It is here that my hope for the individual is to learn that “I am indeed the energy force which created the Universe” and “to learn to care for others with compassion”. These are the two fundamental concepts Jesus brought to the world. The third stage will come when your physical body ceases to function.  You will then move into the pure spiritual stage of your being.”

     “So, how does this address the relation of the Spiritual to the physical?”  “The spiritual realm is a continuum of interdependent events which are in continuous motion this includes those events which transpire in the space humans call the physical Universe.  Over trillions of years I have put these events into motion and every aspect of the physical and spiritual universes are involved in that motion, the common element being my energy which flows through all.”  “Trying to illustrate this better, let’s just look at what is described as the physical world, this world and its inhabitants are in perpetual motion within a world which is in a constant state of change. You as an individual are a part of the change, events affect you and you affect events, some you can control others you can’t.  More-so, I am with and the source of spiritual energy for each human.  Can I or do I control the events, in some respect yes but for the most part the world is in motion and it is not my intent to change its direction, no more than you can do so with your own children.  You raise your children the best you can, trying to protect them however you can but the bottom line you can’t and shouldn’t control their lives in total.  Are you there if they ask you for guidance and help, absolutely, the same goes for my relationship with you as my children, the difference is, I see the universe from a different perspective and that is my involvement and guidance transcends the physical and the spiritual.  So, moving forward with the fact that the physical world is at one with the spiritual, the events which are transpiring in the physical world are actually directly affecting your presence in the spiritual world.”

    “Steve, the human soul doesn’t pass over, pass on, move to, or go to another world, realm or place, it is already here, the difference being, free of the body, you live without the bonds and limitations of the physical world.”  ( return to Spiritual Conversations )