Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Vision On Life

Vision On Life

 Two nights ago I had a dream but in reality as with a few other dreams I’ve had in the past, they weren’t dreams at all, but visions. 

  In this “dream”, I and several other individuals, perhaps as many a five, were in a place which was under-going turmoil, it could have been anywhere in the world but I suspect this was Africa or South America.  We were running to escape something, I guess capture or physical harm and as we ran we encountered an individual who stated, if you hear a high screeching sound run from it not toward.  Well as we ran we heard the high screech sound but couldn’t tell where it was coming from, we turned a corner to our right, after passing a clump of trees and were funneled onto a path which was bordered by two very high wire fences about five feet apart.  The fences and path were about a half mile long and held back thousands of people. The high screeching we were told to run from, was the people screaming and crying but because we were being pursued we had to run down the path.  As we ran we were forced to stay directly in the middle of the two fences because the people were reaching for us, trying to grab us while they cried for our help.  I was the last of the group as we reached the half way point, just then a two year old child had made it through the fence and was on the path.  As I passed her she reach out to me and grabbed my leg seeking help, being extremely fearful for my life I didn’t want to be slowed down so I shook her off and continued to run but she reached up and took hold of my leg once again.  I shook my leg and I looked back and saw her roll away but as I glanced at her she reminded me of my two year old grand-daughter and I felt a pang fill my chest but kept running.  We all reached the end of the fences and stopped running but I couldn’t take my mind off the little girl who looked to me for help.  I realized I had to go back and get her, regardless of the pursuers, the individuals behind the fences trying to grab me or my fears about what else might happen to me.  I first began walking and then I broke into a jog as I did so the people behind the fences began to watch me and I could see the curiosity on their face, I reached the little girl still lying on the ground and I bent down and picked her up.  As I did so, the crowds on both sides of the fence became quiet, I told them the little girl reminded me of my grand-daughter and asked who she belonged too.  Someone spoke up and said both her parents had died.  I said I would like to take her home and care for her but needed their permission.  A single clap came from the people, then another and another, then the entire crowd began to clap and as I carried the little girl down the path the people were reaching out not to grab me but to shake my hand.

   I woke up and thought about the dream, that’s when I realized it was not a dream at all but a vision about myself.  It struck me that as far as I believed that I have become less self centered, I have a long ways to go.

   My running on the path between the fenced in people, is me running through life still afraid of the life around me.  I’m so focused on escaping that when the little girl reached for me I pushed her away, trying to save myself.  When she reached for me again and I shook her off, I realized that she represented those around me that are so much more in need of everything than I, but I am so focused on myself that I pass them by to “save” myself.  In the dream, when I finally turned around and went back to the girl, it came to me that in spite of my fears I need to face them and concentrate on helping others who I can help regardless of the consequences.  I then understood several things God was trying to reach me with, the people were clapping and wanting to shake my hand signified several things first, we shouldn’t run from the fears we have in life but we need to face them and when we do, we overcome them and second in a world in which there is so much despair, that my forgetting my own fears and reaching out to one so helpless and innocent as the two year old, that it not only gave hope to the little girl but to the crowd as well.  You see this wasn’t a dream at all, but a vision on how God means for you and I to live.
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