Friday, April 16, 2021  
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The Choices We Make


                                                                       The Choices We Make


    I believe that each of us in life seeks a path that we feel best fulfills our own personal life objectives, these objectives may be very defined or somewhat ambiguous but none-the-less they exist.  On our journey to these life goals we make choices by the minute, hour, day and year.  What is the foundation for how we ultimately decide which choice is correct or which is not? Obviously, much of our decisions are based on our life experiences but what impact does the Spiritual forces of the Universe effect the direction we choose. 

    First, I would like to clarify my statement about each of us seeking a path that we feel best fits who we are, I’m sure there are a number of people who say, life dealt me these cards and I need to play them, now if you think about that statement a decision has been made by that individual to accept a direction for their life and therefore a path has been selected.  Then there are those who know that they have a specific goal and depending on their true commitment to that goal, that commitment will dictate their success.  Then there are those of us like myself, I never really set a defined ultimate destination for my life but I did set what I would call soft goals, such as I wanted to get married and have children, I wanted to buy a home in a nice area, I wanted to achieve the level of vice president of a company.  I achieved each of these, although I’m not quite sure how, each has been met.  I look back and ask myself what price did I pay for the path I took to accomplish these goals, did the decisions I make, help or hurt others, was the trip filled with fear or was it a positive experience.  The answer is that even though I have two amazing children and a wife I love more than anything in the world and a nice home, I ran the race in fear.  Maybe I had to but maybe I didn’t, maybe the choices I made were made strictly on input from only one source and that source was me.  Unfortunately, I still have too much input on the direction my life takes. But this I am trying to change.  I have reset new goals in my life, I can’t say some are not material in nature but for the most part my ultimate goal is to continue to grow my spiritual connectivity with God and understand better the teachings of Jesus.  I also want to enter each day with the idea that I am here to help someone that I can help and eventually get to a point where I do so not with cognitive thinking but with spiritual thinking and compassion.

  Much about how I go about succeeding with this will be how I make decisions, will I continue to rely on my own past experiences for guidance, perhaps.  But why, when I have the Energy of God flowing through my soul and the wisdom of Jesus always with me.  I realize this sounds a bit mystical but he fact of the matter is, whether you believe it or not, God exist, the Loving Energy is within me and is there to be tapped, physically we developed into what we are by how we care for ourselves, granted we are all different and some appear to be in better shape than others but it doesn’t take away from the fact that those who appear not to be in shape aren’t trying.  The development of the soul is the same, it takes effort and decision making, decisions which are made on a minute, daily, monthly and yearly basis.  Decisions which can be made along with this amazing force called God.  As I move through the remaining portion of my physical life, I plan on doing so not in fear but in love the only way to truly do this is to trust, I mean totally trust God and with that trust ask for God’s advice. If I do, my life will be one of greater spiritual awareness and contentment, God will give me direction if I let him, sometimes I will know the answer immediately through following what I know is truth, at other times I simply need to ask and wait, for at this point the only one who will prevent me from making the right decision will only be myself.
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