Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Truth The Practical Side of Living With It

                                                             TRUTH The Practical Side of Living With It in Our Lives


   Truth, I have written about Truth on several occasions, mostly identifying it as one of the ultimate components of our Spiritual and Physical make up which we need to strive to achieve and understand if we are going to move closer to being one with God and Jesus.

But, as I prayed today I felt the need to really identify what is truth in my life, in other words what questions do I need to ask of myself as to where I am spiritually and materially aligned in the world.  Questions like, do I totally trust God and the guidance of Jesus, do I still put to much emphasis on the impact of money in my life, I still get jealous of or desire material possessions others have, I still put to much emphasis on what occupation I have verses what I see others doing, I still donít give enough of my time to helping others, I still judge others and so on.  The list can go on but what came of the idea of being Truthful with myself is the idea that until you are truthful with yourself healing and replacing these worldly fears wonít happen.  Here is what I mean, how do you heal a sickness until you identify the problem.  God is a very skilled physician we know he can heal any component of the mind and body but God expects us to work with him and until we are truthful with ourselves we canít be healed.  Along with the idea of being honest with ourselves God wants us to be honest with him, ask the questions we have about the ďwhysĒ of the world and the things we donít understand.  The term Jesus spoke about, ďask and you shall receiveĒ, is exactly what we need to do.  Obviously, this is a fairly wide open phrase and if you are like me I was never sure if it really included the physical components of life or just spiritual needs. But, the fact is, it means communicate with God, donít be afraid to be honest, ask your questions, ask for guidance, God knows we arenít perfect, he knows our needs but he wants each of us to be open with ourselves and when we ask ourselves and God, ďwhat do we need to work onĒ, we identify those areas of concern in our lives which need adjustment and at that time Godís healing power begins to enter into our soul and his spirit begins itís healing process.

  Then as I began to conclude my morning discussion with God and Jesus, I was reminded of the ultimate truth in each of our lives, the truth that we need to ask our selves continuously, itís not rocket science, itís not something that you need to withdraw to a monastery to find but it the simple truth of trying to put Godís love for us first in our lives and then put others before ourselves.  Easy to say, hard to understand, trust, and do, but none-the-less it is the ultimate truth in our lives.  (back to Spritual Sonversations)