Friday, April 16, 2021  
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What Does It Mean To Open Your Soul To The Light


                                                              What Does It Mean To Open Your Soul To The” Light”


     Today began with this feeling that even though I have come to know God and Jesus better, I need to move that growth to the physical world and try and place greater, if not all my emphasis on others as opposed to myself.  I realize I need to make the conscious effort to view the world in a positive light in spite of the happenings going on around me.

    I know I innately tend to place myself before others so I continue to struggle with the knowledge that I know the responsibility of each of us has to put others first.  I need to actively regard this day as a gift from God and to live it as such.  I realize the fact that the World can come at you fast and in an instant everything can change for good or bad, but you need to understand that is life and live it accordingly.  As I conversed with God last night about the nature of the world and the seemingly microscopic effect any of us can have on the actual direction of civilization, God put it very simply, “it matters not if you affect the masses, it matters how intently you help those you can”.  What this means is as we look around and see all the negative components of  living in the physical sense, we can get caught up in believing that trying to do something to change the world would be futile.  This is absolutely the opposite of what it means to open your soul to the “Light”.  Our purpose in life is to do the best we can to understand how God is present in our lives and to do the best we can to help those others which we can help.  It is not intended for us to try and change the masses but to look to change and reveal the spirit of God to who we can. 

   Jesus walked this Earth over 2000 years ago, he was at one with God and God was at one with Him, he effected and changed the lives of millions if not billions of people but not while he was here on Earth.  On Earth he helped, healed and taught those that he could, those that were in his physical presence.  He didn’t change the Roman Empire or the dynasties of Asia, he changed the individuals that could hear him, feel his power and understand that God is with us, then those individuals left and told and taught others what they learned and how their lives were changed. 

   What does it mean to open your soul to the “Light”, it means to push aside the evil components which reside within the soul to make room for God’s Loving Energy to come in, then to use this Energy to live your daily lives to care and be there for each individual you encounter.  It means to draw on God’s Love which allows one to put life into perspective as well as understand that we can make a difference.  It means that even though we each are separate and unique, and occupy our own individual space others will enter that space and when they do, we need to respond just as Jesus did and use the Light within us to act as a beacon to others so that when they continue their journey they take some of that Light with them so they too can help change the world.   (back to Spiritual Conversations)