Friday, April 16, 2021  
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I Have Awakened

††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††I Have Awakened From My Sleep

I have awakened from my sleep

I have turned my face toward Love

And away from evil

I am still not without fault

And can not judge others

I am still flawed

But you God can take these flaws

And turn them into beauty.

ďI am the same God that talked to

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Paul and Jesus

Donít try and view and compare

Your purpose to be the same as theirs

Their purpose, as each individualís

Was different than yours

But also the same.Ē

†† As I prayed, God spoke to me with the above words, it was of particular interest that I heard the words about being flawed, knowing we all are, yet God reminded me that even the greatest of our flaws can be turned into something that can be used to help ourselves better understand our personal relationship with God.As we discover this relationship within ourselves, we might better help others find their own relationship with God.I am pretty close to the poster child when it comes to doing those things on earth which are considered to be exact opposites of what God hopes for us to be.My negative ways didnít include physical harm to others but a totally self centered life was one that I did lead.Along with this was fear, fear of just about anything you could fear, fear that I would loose my job, fear of becoming poor, fear of what others would think about me, fear of health, etc.Then there was the part of me that wanted, I wanted what others had, I wanted recognition and authority, I wanted the world to see me as a person to be looked up to.What I didnít realize that the more I went in this direction the further I went from obtaining anything close.I was terribly flawed and without a doubt still am but there is one huge difference, now I attempting to live my life through the guidance of God and the teachings of Jesus.I am not attempting to go out and preach the idea of ďgiving up your sinful ways, repent before it is to lateĒ, I am about living through the Loving Energy that God has for each of us, God knows me and knows what I was and who I am, the flaws that I strongly had and those that still make up some part of me, but now God can guide me on how my past can be used to help me with empathy toward others.I can understand what the world throws at each of us and how difficult it is to live in a world where the temptations are astronomical, I can use my flaws to help me not judge others but to care for their well being and be there for them.Ultimately, God pointed out to me , that throughout time He spoke to others, as he speaks to me, He is the same God and the direction he gave to those in the past, was intended for them.

††† Godís Love flows through every human being, equally, some embraced that Love and strengthened their spirit, whereby opening their souls to the Energy of Love and in doing so finding their individual purpose here on Earth.I to have a purpose, initially it was being blocked by my self-centered nature. God then reminded me that my individual purpose is my individual purpose and even though it is not he same as others, ultimately it is. (Back to Spiritual Converstions)