Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Opening Yourself To God And Seeing With Your Soul

                                                          Opening Your Self To God and Seeing With Your Soul

     I've often asked God, Jesus and myself, how do you come to know God's Loving Spirit, how does one open his or her soul to the strength and knowledge that God, not only exists, but has a dramatic impact on your life both here and in the next realm.  How does one internalize the teaching of Jesus and move from the material thinking world to that of the spiritual thinking world.  In other words how do you begin to think and see with your soul as opposed to your brain. 

   The answer that came to me through prayer was simply, "you try to care for others more than you care for yourself."  We have been told to "do unto others as you want them to do to you", "love your neighbors as yourself", etc.  We have been instructed that these are the teachings of Jesus and they are the Lords way.  What no one seems to explain is that they aren't just actions, although they may be at first, they are in fact actions which open your soul to the Loving Energy of God.  The action of putting others first, opens our personal door for God to flow to and through our souls, as we begin to put others first, our soul becomes receptive to God and the Energy strengthens us.  The more we try mentally to follow these actions the more we become more at one with God, and the teachings of Jesus become a great deal clearer.  I believe that as we try to become more at one with God, we move toward a higher level of spirituality, we clear our soul of negative energy and replace it with the Positive Energy of God.  I have prayed that one day I no longer see others in this world through my mind, my past and present prejudices, my tendency to judge or view others in a negative way if they don't agree with me, I pray that I don't try and have people fit my idea of what a person is suppose to look or be like.

    What I pray and strive for, (be it only in the infant stages), is that I will see each individual with my soul, I will hear them with my soul and I will try to strengthen those who hurt by knowing that my spirit can transfer God's love to them and that love can heal.  My beliefs, which are based on God's words to me, is the soul is it's own energy force within us, that was created by God and is an integral part of who we are as humans, this component of who we are is not only just energy, but this energy has the ability to, in a sense, "think".  Although, I believe that this is done more through some form of feeling than actually "thinking", our soul can and does connect with others to transfer energy.  Our soul is independent of others but shares the same energy source, God.  As such when we begin to help others and put them first here on Earth, we begin to draw greater amounts of Energy from God, as such this is how we were designed, as we draw and therefore give to others greater amounts of Energy from God, we begin to see the world not only from our physical perspective but from that of a spiritual perspective and that is how each of us, if we truly want to, will begin to see and think with our soul, and our actions will be more directly synchronized with the Loving Energy of God. 
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