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When You Sense Evil Step Toward It Not Away

                                                                 When You Sense Evil Step Toward Not Away


   When you sense evil step toward's it not away, that isn’t exactly how God stated it to me in my prayers, because the idea was not spoken to me as much as presented to me as I was praying for someone who I felt was doing things with her life which were taking her down a wrong path.  As I thought about this person I felt dislike for the individual and began to think of all those people in my life I did not care for and even at some level hated.  
   From this several things were brought to my attention by God, first, I need to continue to pray that I can forgive those who hurt me or in my mind some way effected my life in a negative way.  Second, it was pointed out that when someone does affect you in a negative way or you feel there are negative (evil) vibes being emitted from an individual, step toward that person and allow the Loving Energy of God to flow through you and into the soul of the person in need of God’s presence.  I believe many of us tend to want to turn and run from situations where we aren’t comfortable although, by no means am I suggesting that one should go looking for trouble or not take proper steps to prevent bodily injury.  I am saying that we encounter people in our lives who are hurting physically, emotionally or spiritually, some may even intend to do us harm.  It is those we need to step toward, in a spiritual sense, and even perhaps a physical sense as well.  The point is we often steer clear of those in trouble because they could complicate our lives or even drag us down with them and maybe this is a possibility but it is our responsibility to try and help. Even though I stated this action could bring you into harms way, the fact is if one has enough faith and Love within them to step toward one hurting, the outcome of such action will either be no change in that person or a positive change in both the person you are offering a path for God’s Energy to flow and the strengthening of God’s Energy within your own soul.

   I think there are a number of things we read little or nothing about Jesus in the Bible that actually happened and how he approached life and others he encountered.  One of these is how he interacted with those who were out to discredit him and destroy him. Jesus certainly taught “forgive your enemies and return evil with love” but he actually lived this daily and on a level most of can’t imagine.  Jesus looked at everybody as one of God’s, when he saw hate and evil in a person, even one trying to destroy him, he felt the negative energy, recognized the evil nature of the person and stepped directly toward that person and let the Energy of God flow to that individual.  What also is not written is the fact that many of these people did become better individuals, and those that did not, felt God’s presence briefly but the evil within them as well as their dependency on the material world soon over came the good and they fell back to there old ways.  But many changed because Jesus stepped toward the other human and not away.  Some may ask what of the final days of Jesus life, why didn’t he step toward others to heal them of their hate for him so he could continue to heal and teach.  First, God knew what needed to happen to start the chain reaction that allowed Jesus to become the Savior to billions of people and second, Jesus knew that the physical world is only temporary and the spiritual world is our ultimate destination and he knew what an amazing place it is, his soul was there while he was here on Earth. 

Jesus was in my belief, the most remarkable individual to ever walk this Earth, they say he was perfect, I’m not sure if that is true in the sense of the way we tend to define perfect, but in the spiritual sense Jesus was perfect.  His ability to forgive and confront evil was unimaginable but the fact is we all have the Energy of Jesus within us, as he was guided and strengthened by God, we too have that Energy flowing through us, so when we encounter someone who we want to turn from we need to ask to be reinforced by God’s Energy and simulate Jesus and step toward the person in need. (
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