Friday, April 16, 2021  
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I Know God Is Present In My Life I Need To Accept The Love Which Is Meant For Me

                                                    I Know God Is Present In My Life I Need To Accept
                                                                 The Love Which Is Meant For Me

   I have written on previous occasions about feeling God’s presence in my life.  At times I have been frustrated because even though I talk with both God and Jesus, I’m not sure I feel that I am putting into practice what I know is truth.  That truth being God’s amazing and Loving Energy flows to and through each of us and if we desire strengthens our own soul.

   Yesterday I wrote how we can become more at one with God and open to the teaching of Jesus, we are to put others first and this opens the path for us to have God’s Energy flow to our individual soul.  What still bothered me was, if I speak with God and talk with Jesus and I take direction from him, why don’t I always know and feel the presence of God’s Energy.

   At this point it is probably necessary to back up on my life a bit.  From as far back as I remember I have been taught there is a God and that Jesus was our Savior, I suspect for the most part I felt most of what was coming at me were just words, nice words and in someway pertinent but none-the-less words.  As well, I experience some difficult times with relationships with some friends who ultimately for no apparent reason decided I was to be the odd man out.  Along with this I saw neighbors and relatives experience excruciating pain when they lost their sons in the Vietnam War, pain that never left them and many ways ruined their lives.  Through these experiences I began to put up an emotional barrier, one that allowed me to enjoy people but one that did not let outside events effect me, I still knew and could develop strong ties and love for my family but there was still reservation within because of the fear of one day losing them or someone else I cared for.  As I began to grow spiritually my love and view of my family matured and strengthened but I still wasn’t sure what this meant.  Each of us needs to ask ourselves, as we give to others and others give back to us, do we accept that action or loving energy or do we tend to deflect it in some way because we feel embarrassed or not worthy.   This is where I was enlightened last night in what some may call a vision.

   I went to bed early for me around 9:15, at about 12:45 I awoke and began thinking about the things in my life which were causing me stress and worry, I have written about this before and as I have stated before, if I begin to pray, I feel the Energy of God come to me and quiet my anxiety.  However, this time as I prayed I asked God why don’t I feel the Loving Energy on a continuous basis, I speak with God and Jesus, I know they are here with each of us, so why do I have such worries and anxious moments?  I fell back asleep and had a dream, the dream involved me asking an unknown in real life but very beautiful women out on a date, evidently I had known her for sometime in the dream, and cared for her deeply, at first she agreed but then later told me she liked another individual, (who I evidently knew and who was by all standards not the poster child for the human race), I tried to talk her out of making such a big mistake but told her I would always be there for her if she needed me. 

   I then awoke and started thinking about the dream, I first realized that the women was like most of us when it comes to God, God is there offering us Love, security and comfort but we turn to what is bad for us, regardless of what we in our hearts know is right.  I then realized that I have developed a reluctance to let most people’s positive energy through my emotional barriers.  But most importantly, as in the dream, I realized that what I need to do to have God’s Energy openly felt in my life was to accept that Energy.  The women in the dream rejected my sincere caring for her and it struck me that, I have built barriers to accepting the positive energy of others and God.  I know emphatically that God exist, with amazing Love directed at each of us, now it is clear that what I need to do is not only Trust God, which I do, but to without hesitation accept the Love which is there for me.  When I do this with total commitment, I will experience life as God intended for us to live.  I now understand that accepting God as the path doesn’t just mean to acknowledge the existence of God, it means to open our hearts and consciously and subconsciously accept the Love God has for us.  (Back To Spiritual Conversations)