Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Can You Actually Feel God

                                                   Can You Feel Actually God

 Have you ever wondered what it must have been like for Jesus in his physical state to have the pure Energy of God be totally at one with his soul, always. 

 A while back I was sitting on my deck praying and I felt this overwhelming surge of Energy.  It was similar to something that I had experienced before but this time it was one of the most incredible feelings that I have ever felt in my life, I'm not sure what I can compare it to, or if I am able to find the right words to describe the strength of the event.

 Was I being reminded by God that his presence is not apart from us but in fact very much within us and that this Energy which was being directed through me, is with us all the time if we will just be open to accepting it. 

   Let me tell you, what I felt was an overwhelming feeling that was not of this world or should I say not of the world I know.  This was something that overpowered me beyond anything I ever could calculate or my mind could comprehend.  It was pure energy, pure energy, it was no doubt God's love being released within me at a significant level. Surely God's intent must have been to remind me of the fact that his presence is here both physically and spiritually and is in magnitudes most of us can't or won't acknowledge. 

   The Energy of God is here and we all have the ability through our soul to know and experience this presence.  What this event did was to let me have a glimpse of what it would be like for my soul to have a much higher level of oneness with God than I have presently. But I think the real lesson was to show me that you can, "actually feel God".  However, unlike Jesus who had this oneness with God continuously, my physical body was not prepared to deal with the flow of love that went through me.

   Obviously, as brief as the experience was it left quite an impression. So, I asked God the question, how Lord do I move toward a greater intertwining of the spiritual and physical worlds? 

   The other question I asked myself and God was; the force of your love was unbelievable, am I prepared to deal and function in this space?  

   I know now what truly having the energy of God within me feels like at a much higher degree of intensity than I presently have, the question is, how do I move in a direction which will allow me to continue building my capacity for accepting this Love. 

    Finally, I asked God, why me?  I'm certainly not worthy of this Love you are directing toward me and if you want me to serve and be here for you, am I really capable of listening.   You know I try and hear you but you also know that I continue to fight you, carry with me my fears and am reluctant to give up my bonds with this material world.  So, really why me?

My answer, "because you are who you are, as is every living being in my Universe." (back to Spiritual Conversation)