Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Enjoy The Path

                                                                                                              Enjoy The Path


     There is a great deal on my mind, so much so that I am to the point where I wake up so full of tension that my jaw hurts from clenching my teeth as I sleep.  I know God is present in my life and the Loving Energy that flows through me is in fact there but I don't always open myself to that Energy as I get caught up in my view of the world. 

   Yesterday, I took my son, Tommy and my son-in-law, Ben golfing.  We played a course in the northern part of the county, it was a beautiful day and the scenery provided wonderful views.  I was playing golf with my son and son-and-law and although I was having a great time it wasn't until later that evening that it struck me as to what had happened during the day.  That was, I was playing golf with my son and son-in-law, I know  I mentioned this several times but the significance of the event didn't hit me until later and I wish I had realized what was going on at the time so that not one portion of the day would go unappreciated, even the bad drives or lost balls.  In a way the day signified the success of my life, I had a son who I could now go out and enjoy time with on an equal level, although I will admit I'm not his equal when it comes to golf.  Tommy is 19, in college and more than capable of doing just about anything he wants to pursue in life but most importantly he is an extremely good person who I enjoy being with.  My son-in-law is a wonderful, bright, and spiritual young man who my daughter loves dearly and can more than take over as the important man in her life. We are extremely happy to have him in the family.  Getting to this point was not easy and it went by exceedingly fast, so fast that I'm not sure I really ever took the time to enjoy the ride.  But something interesting happened this morning that I hope I can learn to build on as I continue my journey for what ever length of time I have left in this world and that is to start enjoying the Path and stop worrying about where the Path was going.

   Here is where that perspective on how I should approach my life came from, I was praying this morning about all the anxiety in my life, I prayed  for help with the worry's about my health, the worry's about my career, the worry's about my children (although I don't ever think I will stop worrying about my children).  As I continued to pray, it came to me that I began each phrase with "my", and I realized I was totally looking inward and not outward.  I then asked God how can I overcome this self-centered perspective as well as truly understand the Loving Energy which is there for me to guide and live my life.  The answer was pretty eye opening and I was a little taken back by how God can take the events of our lives and use them to teach us about living.  God simply said "remember how last night you realized that you wished you would have totally taken in all the things that were happening on the golf course and enjoyed them as they happened, that is how you should live life in general".  "You are on the Path of life, you are proceeding in the direction that through your prayers I have directed you but while you are on the Path look around, feel the moments, feel the Energy of the Path, stop looking for its end, time moves quickly so that will come soon enough in the scheme of things."  "No one knows how long they will live but while you do, channel your energy toward caring for others and seeing if you can make someone smile.  Engage in life from the positive sense, think about life as you wished you had immersed yourself in the day on the golf course, live each moment, they all won't be perfect but they are all part of life.  Take them in, don't only Trust that I am with you Know that I am with you, this is the Path that you wrote about several years ago when you heard me say, "The Path IS The Spirit And Where It Goes I Will Travel"."

    I am squarely on the Path that God has intended for me to follow, the irony is I think I just realized that I AM on the Path that God has intended.  Hopefully, with Jesus teachings and God's Loving Energy I continue to realize that where ever I am headed in this life, I feel and enjoy the world and understand the significance of what is going on in my life as it is happening.  (back to Spiritual Conversations)