Friday, April 16, 2021  
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The Map, The Road, The Path, The Beacon, The Light

         Let God's Light Shine
glorious sunrise  over mountains

                              The Map, The Road, The Path, The Beacon

 The Map, The Road, The Path, The Beacon, each of these are concrete elements in this physical world which help us find our way to some known destination more easily, quickly or safely.  We can relate to the idea of using a map or following a road or a seeing a beacon in the night which can either guide us too or away from danger.  Jesus used such ideas to illustrate who he was to those of us in this world, he talked about him being "the Light of the World and whoever walks in the Light will see the true meaning of life". 

   My question is who will actually see the light, follow the path or understand how we ourselves are suppose to be the Beacon to others here on earth.  This question I suspect stems from my continuous conversation with God about how did I or others seek a relationship with him and what brings a person to try and understand God's presence more clearly in ones life and how am I suppose to help that process.  I also feel the concept of the beacon, light or road in this world which Jesus taught us that he was and still is, translates to who we are and how we can be a beacon to others who either do not know, care to know or want the presence of God in their lives. 

   I read a verse in Acts this morning which talked about Peter baptizing non-Jews, which evidently up to that point were not seen as worthy of acceptance in God's eye's and  therefore, they could not be baptized.  The fact of the matter is, this point conveys the idea that contrary to what we as humans believe and what prejudices we bring to this world, our views and opinions are exactly what they are, just views and opinions which spawn prejudices.

     God's, Energy flows through each of us, regardless.  It is we who try and define what God accepts or doesn't accept.  We have no right to carry out this judgment. I know that I am guilty of this very act, I know the difficulty of trying to accept all who I meet, or not hold hostile feelings against those who have hurt me or my family.  So, I say to God, Lord you want me to go into this world and be an example of your love, to be a beacon to others so that they see the Light of your Energy coming from me.  But, there are those in this world that I am having a difficult time forgiving or accepting, how can I be what you expect me to be. 
   God's response first pointed out that he knows I still carry ill feeling toward individuals but I am working on forgiveness and sometimes that comes slowly, second he reminded me that those who I still hold in a negative light are in fact loved by him as equally as God loves me and they are trying to understand their place in this world just as hard as I am. However, what may be most important concept God pointed out was that regardless of who is in any room that I may walk into, each individual will fit into one of several mindsets; those who have found, those who are searching, those who have no clue, and those who just don't care as to if they will or won't ever know God.  God also reminded me that "it is not my responsibility to judge which place each might be, it my responsibility to be the beacon of God's love" (granted it is no where near as powerful as that of Jesus or many others who walk this earth).  But, none-the-less I am to let the Loving Energy of God flow through my soul, perhaps it will ignite strenghten the energy of someone in the room or perhaps not, but my responsibility is to be that Beacon and where the Light lands and who is either drawn to or avoids it,  I can not determine.  The only thing I know is I am to open my Spirit and let it flow into the room and try and be that Beacon of Love to each and everyone in the room so that they might find their way to a destination which may not seem concrete in this physical world but is certainly concrete in the scheme of the Universe and that is God's Love.  (back to Spiritual Conversations)