Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Would I have Listened

                                             Would I Have Listened

    As I prayed this morning I talked to the Lord about several topics, as he spoke to me and gave guidance the question came to me as to whether or not I would have listened to Jesus if I had heard him speak in person.  Part of me wants to say that I would have been so moved by his words that there would have been no doubt and I would have changed my life forever.  I know that he would have affected my life simply due to the fact that my firm belief is, that when you were in the presence of Jesus, he brought the energy of God to the entire area or space which was occupied by those who came to listen. 

   Two thoughts came from this idea, first, even though I know I would have been effected by his teaching would I have continued to seek and understand his teaching and Gods presence in my life or over time would I have slowly let it be a good memory because I let the material world back into my life in such a way that what I had learned would in time fade away. 

   The second, thought that I put to God and Jesus was, with the pure energy of Love being present when Jesus was among people how could the Jewish leaders not be moved as well as those every day people.  The answer was that they were just like those today who have great power and money.  Those two elements of the material world are exceptionally strong and even though they felt and knew what they heard was true, it conflicted with there desire to continue living along the same lines that they lived and doing as Jesus taught may jeopardize this way of living.  Perhaps, this is not a revelation to me or any one else, but it does demonstrate the idea of why Jesus talked about how hard it would be for a rich person to get in heaven. Basically the more you have the more you become reliant on what you have and the greater the priority it becomes in your life. What I need to consider, as does everybody, having money or not having money, is not the issue of having or desiring material wealth but it is, can each of us put the material aspect of the world truly behind that of living with God as our first priority.  I would like to think so but I know from my own personal experience this is not an easy thing to do, and this just isn't about the idea of money getting in the way but we have other things in the physical world that prevent us from truly serving and understanding Jesus' teaching and how God wants us to live, such as the fear of embarrassment, the idea of jealousy or lack of patience, or fear of failing, all are emotions based on the physical aspects of our lives.  The bible gives us directions on how do deal with these issues and the words written are sound advise but they are primarily the foundation of how we should try to live, beyond that, we all are individuals who need to build the structure of our lives according to our own souls.  We each have been given a unique spirit that is part of God and Jesus themselves and the first step in being able to put God first is to decide that we want to a least try.  At that point each day becomes one which brings new understanding of the spiritual world and this growth comes from learning how God and Jesus are present in our lives during the best of times and hardest of times.  This I know as a fact.  However, I will also point out that I am still learning how this is to be, and how to fully put it into practical application on a daily basis. I will guarantee that I will never get it totally right, only Jesus has been able to do that, but each step I take no matter how small, brings me that much closer to God and experiencing the feeling like those who heard Jesus speak while he was here on earth and feel the energy of the Lord as he speaks to me now on earth. (back to Spiritual Conversations)