Friday, April 16, 2021  
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When Do We Open the Window of Our Soul's and Let God In

                                When Do We Open The Window Of Our Souls To Let God In

   I have written in the past about several concepts which I continue to struggle with, they are, how am I suppose to help those around me understand the Love and Energy that God has for us, and when do people search for God and let themselves listen.   I believe these two issues are hard for me to deal with because I feel that in some way I'm suppose to proactively help those around me be introduced to God.  However, when I have tried to help I have pretty much fallen on my face.  

   None-the-less I have continued to pray for those around me even though they aren't receptive to my ideas on how they might live a more purposeful life and I continue to ask God why am I so bad at getting through to people.

   As you might have guessed, this morning, I again asked God the same questions.   God's response was some what surprising, "there are several things happening, first you're fairly new to the idea of going into the world and trying to open others eyes to the spiritual nature of the world and by the way, you still have some growing to do yourself." (nothing like brutal honesty).  "As well, it is simply a fact that most humans who are quite well off, are more focused on keeping their earthly lives in order than worrying about their spiritual lives."  This certainly hit home since I've been there and if God's earlier words to me are any indication, to some degree, I still think this way.  But, by God pointing this out, it allowed the idea to hit home and helped me realize and understand a humans approach to God and how many of us think and prioritize our spirituality. 

     I will note that, in light of my past and the struggles I have had with my spirituality, God didn't give up on me and I have come to know the Loving Energy that God has for us and how that Energy strengthens our individual souls, I now also have the firm understanding of who Jesus really was/ is, and it is well beyond the description of Him in the Bible.  

     So with this insight, I thought to myself, doesn't it make sense for me to try and get what I have come to discover out to others.  God once again, how do I help others open their selves up to the idea to at least let you play some part in their lives and isn't it my responsibility to go into the world and try and help teach others about caring more for the world than oneself. 

    The answer was yes, but how that is to be done, doesn't necessarily mean for me to take the traditional path of teaching about God the way we have been taught and preached on how to do so. 

   Then God pointed out,  "I know your strengths, I know your weaknesses, I know those around you and I know that approaching them to talk about religion would be like trying to mix oil and water. "

   So, what is it I'm supposed to do?  Here was God's answer, "nothing".  Nothing?  That seems like a rather odd direction.  But, God continued to explain, that doesn't mean I'm to do nothing at all, it just means I'm to do nothing with those around me who I think could use some help. You see, for a great number of people in this world, we have been taught to first rely on ourselves, and then "God helps those that help themselves", which by the way was never spoken by Jesus or written in the Bible. 

   However, the majority of the people I associate with are not even in a state of mind to turn to God or to seek help from anyone.  If this is the case, I am still left wondering just who and how can I help others.  To help clarify this confusion, the direction I received from God was this, "think about yourself, did you or would you listen or want to listen to anyone who you thought was preaching to you", the answer was obviously no.  "So, why would others who are a great deal like you want to be?" 

   The fact is, there are a small percentage of people who truly find God without some event triggering that search and there is a very large percentage of people who believe in God but don't really know God. 

   This is where my understanding of the who's and how's of what I can do to help others in this world began to crystallize. 

   We as humans tend to be self centered; we approach life living on peripheral of religion, for whatever the reason.  It's nice to believe in a spiritual after-life but it's too hard to understand and most of us just subconsciously decide just to deal with it in the future. 

   Then something impacts our lives in a fairly significant and negative sense, we cry out for help, we may turn to others, but inevitably we ask for God's help and intervention.  God did not plan for us to come to Him this way, we as humans have evolved to this but God is pure and total Love and doesn't care why we only cry out when we are in pain.

     This also doesn't mean that calling out to God will take the pain away, or fix a problem, but it does open the window of our soul's to let us feel God's presence, and if we do so, we can begin to let ourselves move from our material reliance's of this world to that of truly understanding God's amazing Energy and how that Energy can help us realize what or purpose in life is.  What is my part?  My part is to be there when someone cry's out, maybe it isn't a person I associate with right now, but there are many people in pain and are crying out to God, I need to make sure that I listen and when I hear someone cry I am there to help.  (back to Spritual Conversations)