Friday, April 16, 2021  
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"Growing Spiritually is Like Growing Physically"

                                           "Growing Spiritually is Like Growing Physically"


   As I continue to look to God for strength and direction and to open myself to the guidance of Jesus, I am to approach life along three different avenues. 

  - The first, and for most, is to everyday try and grow in my spiritual relationship with God.

  - Second, I am to continue to either write or edit the letters I have previously written, for whomever I know not. 

  - Third, I am to continue to look to use my building skills to either produce income for my family or simply do something I enjoy and mentally is good for me.

   I have been advised that these three areas are what I am to concentrate on to both move into a new profession and to broaden my spiritual growth. 

   I will note that I have not been extremely patient in my wanting God to reveal to me what I am ultimately suppose to be doing with my life professionally.  As well, I have questioned God about the time it is taken me to grasp how I can grow more mature, spiritually.

   My first conversation this morning was with Jesus, and I talked with him again about my perception of myself and how slowly I seem to be making progress and once again he pointed out that even though he was sent to this world by God to lead others to a better understanding of who God is and to teach us what the purpose for us is here on Earth, it took thirty years to complete his spiritual oneness with God.

   I continued to pray and in doing so realized something, although I understand the patience I need to have for myself which will let God teach and instill in me a strong spiritual fabric, I don't want to be patient, I want to learn. I'm looking for a better understanding of God and the spiritual knowledge that is there for each of us to grasp onto and mold into who we are.
   In response to these statements of frustration, God gave me the following, "developing the soul is very similar to a child being born and growing to adulthood."  "First you teach them the very basics, talking walking and even how to eat, from there you begin to educate them on how to read, write and do math."  "Once these skills are learned, the individual is educated on how to use them in life and perhaps can continue this education at a university level."  "Then there comes a time somewhere along this learning path the individual needs to go into the world and put to use what they were taught, applying the education to life's challenges and incorporating what they have learned into helping them solve problems and teach others.  Hopefully, along the way continuing to learn more about themselves and life as they do." 

   God continued by pointing out that "educating one's self spiritually and strengthening the soul to prepare an individual to do the work that Jesus was sent to teach you to do, is very similar, first you need to learn the basics, as Jesus told you earlier, it wasn't just a snap of the fingers and you become spiritually mature, even he needed to be taught."  "Now, I will say he was an amazing student, but each of you in your own way can be just as amazing if you want to learn, but you need to remember that unless your spiritual foundation is firm, there are many challenges in life that can take you off the tracks and stop your progress and in turn your ability to help others in their search for spiritual growth if you aren't ready."  "Don't loose your desire to learn and don't even become less patient, it gives you focus but remember you don't go from the speaking your first words to college in a day, week or year and you don't go from knowing that I exist to spiritual oneness in a day, week or year either, it takes time."  "But, it is a journey that allows you to see life physically and spiritually in a difference perspective, it will take you down a path that not only prepares you for carrying out how I would like you to live your life on Earth but it also prepares you for what I intend for you to do after you leave the physical world."