Friday, April 16, 2021  
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"This Is My Command Love Others"

                                                                "This is My Command, Love Others"

     Whether or not this is exactly what Jesus said or not, is inconsequential, and I suspect that the concept of this being a command is not something that I believe Jesus did a great deal of, if at all.  I believe in effect they way that Jesus actually taught and demonstrated the Lord's love here on earth, has been interpreted and written in such a way as to have the writer in this case John, try and as forcefully as possible covey the intent of Jesus' message.  However, that is not really the issue that I write about today, it is not whether Jesus commanded it or taught the concept with great conviction, it is the idea in itself which I write about.  Simply stated "Love others", are two words which carry an incredible amount of meaning and weight with them, but too many people, they carry no real weight at all.  As a matter of fact the two words for most of the world could probably best be spoken as a question. "Love others"?  Think about it what does it mean to love others, how does one go about doing such a thing.  Does this literally mean love everyone the same?  That is impossible.  I'm not sure I can truly even love those that I like, no less love people who may hate me, hurt me, not worship like me or not have the same values.  Lord, how can you simple say "Love others" and expect us to actually be able to do this?

     If we approach this simple statement from the direction of what we have come to define Love as in the physical sense of the world, it takes on a connotation of something that probably isn't possible nor actually desired by God.  Love has an over tone of romance or a passion for someone or something which surpasses all boundaries of this earth.  That in effect is true, Love does surpass all boundaries of this earth but it is not of this Earth because it is of God.  We have difficulty understanding this, when the words were spoken or taught, Jesus did so with the strength of God within him and around him so as he said them he also was able to fill the atmosphere with the presence of what we all try and define, that is Love.  But God is Love, this Love is Energy, this Energy flows through us and is apart of us, it is at one with our souls. This is not a love which is connected to the physical side of the body and thus equated to romance, it is from the spiritual side of us that Jesus conveys to us the idea of loving others.  If God's Energy flows through us and our energy flows through God, then it also flows to each and every individual in this world.  Whether the individual consciously accepts or rejects this Energy we direct toward them, it does not matter, that is that person's issue.  What Jesus wants us to put into motion or understand is don't dilute the idea of love because of the preconceived notions we have about what love means in this world, he wants us to try and understand what it means to have an openness to God and the Energy he brings us and then for us to let this Energy flow to others, strengthening their souls and in return that has the potential to generate an enlightening of who and what God is to that person and the cycle continues, bringing a far greater presence of God to this earth.  (back to Spirtiual Conversations