Friday, April 16, 2021  
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When All You See Is Evil In The World

                                                        When All We See Is Evil In The World

    Last night I sat watching television and began to feel the world has moved to a place where evil is running ramped and our individual desires are totally overtaking the idea that others need to be helped in this world.  Hate and terrorism are being used as methods to support a religious movement and thieves and robbers are so brazen that they walk right into peoples homes through the front door to rob and even kill. Technology has moved us along so fast that there are those having a difficult time distinguishing between make believe and the real world. 
   Seeing this swirl around me through the onslaught of media coverage, which now consist not only of newspapers, television, radio but also the Internet, I said too myself and God, I know you are there but the world doesn't seem to care.

   This morning I began my meditation by reading a passage in the Bible suggested by an individual in the study guide "Disciplines", and then read the short reflection on this person's life.  It talked about how even though this person was spiritual, unexpectedly his personal life totally fell apart, but years later through prayer his world had come back together and he was living a full life once again.

   I thought about this and the things that face us in life, and I asked God how do I go into the world seeing all this evil, not worry that the unexpected will happen to me and wonder how I would react and still have the strength and will to care for others.  God brought to my attention that Jesus walked this Earth in a time when evil also seemed to be the driving force behind the events of the world, the Roman Empire was in control and they worshiped false gods, had more days of decadent celebration than days meant for productive work, bandits roamed the roads between towns which travelers used and the reigning religious organization for the most part had built walls around it that were meant to prosper those in charge more than help those it was meant to serve.

   God went on to point out that there is evil in this world but it our responsibility to look for what is good in others, Jesus knew what the world was made up of, Jesus also knew it was his responsibility to try and do what he could to bring the Energy of God into each individual he had contact with.  God also pointed out that as I look around at the violence being committed by those in the world; remember that it was not the violent ones, as we think about violence, that ended up bringing Jesus' physical life here on Earth to an end, it was those who saw themselves as holy leaders of the church.  I at first didn't understand the point God was trying to make, this only seemed to reinforce the idea that evil is in command of the world then and now.  So, I asked God what is the point, God's response was, "Jesus knew that evil existed but went into the world to let us know that I did and still do exists and care greatly about all people, in spite of all that is going on around you."  God then went on to explain if you look at those who ultimately brought Jesus life to an end, you will see individuals who believed they were doing the right thing, they had convinced themselves that they were doing what was right for their religion regardless of the fact that more than likely they were doing it for personal economic gain." God then pointed out that much of what is going on in this world is very much like that, much of the evil, hate and unabated pursuit of monetary gain whether through white collar means or physical crimes against others is done through self justification.  Humans have a way of justifying their negative actions against others, sometime to the point where there is no remorse for ending the life of innocent people.  God went on to point out that to some extent we all self justify and I can look at the world and shake my head or, I can look at myself and say what am I self justifying and start changing the world first by changing myself.  Then once I have asked myself this question I can go into the world and try and see the good in all I meet, knowing that neither they or I are perfect but looking for the part of them that is good.  That is how Jesus looked at the world regardless of all it faults and that is how God wants us to look at the world.  (back to Spiritual Conversations)