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The Physical Dependencies of Life

                                                    Physical Dependencies of Life                                                                                     1/15/07

    How do we continue to see and know the presence of God in our lives?  If you have had the opportunity to read any of the writings that I have written over the last several years you will see the continuous struggle that I have been going through to try and become more at one with God.  Additionally you will see that I make progress and then seem to regress.  I know even though this is the journey of life, at times I get frustrated with myself because I feel I am making little progress.  Then I reflect back on where I was and realize God has transformed me.  I also realize that what keeps me from moving on to the next step is my human crutches and fears.

   One such crutch is alcohol, and even though I have improved immensely on my dependency on alcohol to dull the pain and remove me from the stress factors in life, I still at times rely on alcohol to provide me a sedative or escape.  I asked God about why this is the case and the answer was "you are human and humans feel and understand those things which their bodies can sense.  In other words things such as alcohol, money, sex provide tangible feedback to the senses and the body has a difficult time separating itself from this stimulus response type of action".  "In contrast the development of the soul is done on a level which does not provide the same kind of stimulus as those of a material nature.  The fact is you can develop your soul even while relying on physical stimulus but eventually you will hit a barrier to this development if you continue down this path."

   I asked God how do you let go of such dependencies, especially since I have prayed for God to help me give up such attachments and crutches I have acquired. God's response was, "being able give them up depends on what choices you make and why you want to give them up".  "Some give up habits because they are bad for the health and they are seeking a stronger and healthier physical state but others give up these habits to seek a healthier spiritual state".  "You see when a person has developed to much of a dependency on physical components the spiritual components of life can't be totally tapped because in order to do so you have to let go and trust that which is unseen, is more powerful than what is seen"  "Your soul resides within the body but draws energy from outside of the body".  "The body which depends to heavily of the physical can't accept the spiritual."  However, what is there for the individual who does overcome the physical dependencies and begins to draw on My energy, is a state of euphoria, which earthly pleasures can't possibly match." 

   For me I seek to know God at the highest levels that I possibly can, so it has come to the time when I need not to ask God to help me but I need to say to myself, what is important to me, those things in the world that give you instant but short term pleasure and relief or an ability to move to a higher plane of oneness with God.  I know my answer, now I need to live the answer. (back to Spiritual Conversations)