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Moving On To The Next Realm

                                                        Moving on to the Next Realm

     Jesus why does it matter if "one is lost but then is found"?

     What is the purpose of humans trying to align their souls more closely with that of God's Spiritual Energy?

  The answer, from Jesus was this; "In effect every individual's soul, with the exception of those who have taken on so much hate and evil that their soul no longer can continue to exist, will move on to the so called after-life, which is not really an after-life but the realm in which all individuals are intended to ultimately exist.  Basically, the space or "life" you are presently occupying is unsophisticated compared to where the soul will reside after it leaves the body.

  You see individuals are extremely hung up on the physical state of their bodies and to some degree this was part of God's plan for human-kind.  God wants you to care for the body because it does in fact have a purpose to serve, and that is to, in a sense, provide a physical protection for the present state of the energy force which you know as the soul.  With that in mind you asked two questions of me which are closely related.  The first is why am I, as is God, concerned about "finding those who are lost", or in other words wanting to bring back those who in their human form have allowed the elements of the world to move them a great distance away from the concept which prompted the next question.  "What is the purpose of humans trying to align their souls' more closely with that of God's". 

   Strengthening ones soul through seeking to live by what is truth and therefore opening the ability for one to better allow the Energy of God to flow through ones individual spiritual energy force has several purposes both equally as important. 

   The first purpose is, by living in a way which opens ones soul to God's strengthening Energy, allows you to move into the world and care for others.  As a point of clarification, God is a term created by humans, and the act of caring for others is indeed the same as seeking and strengthening ones realationship with God.  This caring provides a catalyst for those individuals you reach out to, to receive the Loving Energy of God and in turn perhaps strengthen their own closeness to God. Your kindness may increase their present state of spiritual awareness or if this awareness is low or non-existent your actions may spark the desire for them to entertain even the smallest of possibilities that God's Energy not only exists but is the essence of life and in turn perhaps move them to try and touch others in the same way you touched them.     

   The actions that one takes to truly care for others, provides the key mechanism for the second purpose of spiritual development and that is, God's desire for us to prepare our individual souls to better move into the spiritual realm. 

   Now most individuals in the physical world have heard the phrase which talks about preparing oneself for the great beyond but, very few understand what that actually means.  It is a concept which is hard for most to grasp since most humans would prefer to view heaven as some kind of physical place which is just and extension of Earth.  Well, in a sense it is a "physical place" but not an extension of physical nature of Earth as we want or imagine it to be. 

   I will tell you, that in this realm there is recognition of others that you have known and associated with on Earth. This is accomplished by your soul's energy print.  The human soul has the ability to recognize others through the energy print that each individual has unique to them, but on Earth this ability is rarely developed because the physical senses over-ride the spiritual senses.  You can easily equate this to the human's tendencies to put a great deal more emphasis on the physical and material components of the world than the spiritual.  The spiritual is simply over ridden by the physical."

   "But, getting back to the importance of the questions you ask, it is like this, "heaven", as humans have named the spiritual realm, is the next stage of your spiritual development, equate it to the humans' young adult stage.  You enter this phase with a direct correlation to the level of oneness you achieved as you walked the Earth as a human.  Basically, the closer you are to God on Earth the more aware you are of God and God's purpose for you after you shed your physical body. In other words the more aligned you are with God's Energy, the more prepared you are to move on to both recognize and understand your spiritual purpose, with this awareness comes a high degree of contentment on Earth and in the next realm. 

   However, the inverse is also true, if you have not sought and found any level of spiritual oneness with God, then even though most individual's soul will move on to this next realm, the degree of comfort and knowing your purpose in that realm will be directly proportional to the distance your spiritual energy level was kept from God by you while on Earth.  This state of "not knowing", leaves the soul existing in the next realm in varying degrees of "heaven" or "hell".  Interestingly, as I stated earlier, as humans reach a stronger state of spirituality on Earth they become more at peace with themselves and, this actually begins to give them insight as to what it will be like for them in "heaven".

   Although, neither state of "being" is the final answer or destination, since God intends for each us to continue to grow and mature spiritually, as well, God certainly does not intend for any soul to exist in a perpetual state of "hell".

   "You see, God wants all individuals to know and feel the incredible Loving Energy, guidance and spiritual growth which is available to each and every one of you.  This is why so much is made of the fact that God, I and all who have found some level of oneness with God, are to seek those who are so called, lost.  It is not for us but for them, just as a parent on Earth try's in all ways possible, to prepare their child's mind to go into the world and flourish, it is no different as God tries to prepare each individual's soul for the next stage of their development.  Obviously, there will come a time when each individual moves on from the physical world and God, as any loving parent, has the desire for their children to be prepared for the next step in their lives." 

   But, with  this being the case, once the soul reaches the spiritual realm, Jesus purposely left the question unanswered, as to how God moves an individual's soul, which is in an  arrested state of development, to the next level.  Perhaps, anything beyond the understanding that our actions here on Earth do allow us to have clarity and purpose upon our initial introduction to the spiritual realm is knowledge enough and further insight into how God works may not need to be understood.  

  I guess, understanding how God works in this world is difficult enough so trying to comprehend how God works in the spiritual dimension is best left as to something we need to find out once we enter that stage of our development.  (back to Spiritual Conversations)