Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Talking Directly to God and Living In the Material World

                       Talking Directly to God 
    And Living in the Material World vs. the Spiritual World

    While meditating this morning I discussed and contemplated several issues that recently surfaced for which I wanted God's direction.  But before I attempt to write down the essence of my conversation with God, I thought that I first needed to express in writing the very simple, straight forward and well documented concept that Jesus brought to us in his teachings here on Earth and crystallized in my mind after my prayers.  That concept is I can and do converse directly with God, but anybody can, think about it, anyone can have a discussion and receive direction and support from the Energy Source which created the Universe, that is truly amazing, and ultimately cool.  No administrators to go through, no levels of hierarchy to deal with or V.P.'s to interpret or put their own spin on my issues but direct unfiltered communication with God.

   Yesterday I wrote about setting my priorities in life from those that way more heavily on the materialistic realm to those which are focused on the spiritual and God supported realm. Today I needed to pray for several individuals in my life who are good friends who seem to be heading down a path I have traveled and would have preferred not to have gone.  I prayed for guidance on how I am suppose to help these individuals out and the primary answer came back that they won't listen to advice but in time they will feel the effects of their actions and they will need support, so through your approach to life set the example and be there for them when that event transpires.  But also what struck me was how do we get ourselves so off course.  I'm not so sure either of them feel they are off course because I was there and I know that we justify as to what we are doing as ok. We tell ourselves we need to follow what makes us happy and we need to be true to ourselves.  This is an absolute truth, we do need to be true to ourselves  but there are two approaches to this concept the material approach and the spiritual approach and boy I will tell you the material approach is right there and the material satisfaction is instant and powerful.  Where as the spiritual path is not so easily defined and the gratification we receive in return is not so instantaneous.  The physical approach to finding ourselves is centered on one individual, me, and it ultimately is a selfish direction to take, I've lived it and I have felt it's consequences.  It is also contrary to the search for becoming one with God and strengthening our souls and living life as we were meant to do and that is putting others first.  Fortunately, through God's intervention I was able to find my way out of the dark hole I had put myself into and God knows what I went through and knows the hurt I caused myself and others, I know that God doesn't ask that we come to him on our knees seeking forgiveness, God always forgives, always. What God really wants is for us to forgive ourselves, that is the beginning of healing.

   Anyway, I'm not sure why some of us move so strongly in the direction of totally trying to appease our own desires in the physical sense when for most of our lives we appear to be good and giving people unless it has to do with the fact that when we appear to be "others" oriented we are really doing it for ourselves and when we don't receive like actions in return we start becoming disillusioned with our helping nature and turn to the more physical reinforcement.  Perhaps it is because we get caught in an environment which is contrary to our real self and we try to adjust and become a part of that environment but we are unable to properly cope or adapt so we end up spinning out of control with no way out. What ever the reason if we can find our way to a breath of fresh air and look toward our spiritual development we both find and realize that as we are called to help others it is truly for no other reason than to help others and the reinforcement we get comes from the strengthening of our soul.  I wrote yesterday that I believe my spiritual goals have now crossed over to be 51% more driven than my material goals and as I prayed today I understood that there is a direct inverse effect on how much emphasis we put on our material lives and to how much effect we put on our spiritual lives, in other words if we live our lives 100% in the physical world, we will live our lives 0% in the spiritual world which ultimately leads both to a vacant life on earth and in heaven.  (back to Spiritual Conversations)