Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Is There A Tomorrow?

                                                                                               Is There A Tomorrow?

    Recent events in this world have impacted my thoughts on where is good and where is evil, as well these events have also made it clear that each of needs to ask, "is there a tomorrow?"  I'm not writing this from a fatalistic perspective, but from a point of reality. 

   You see, the events that I mention in the opening sentence, comes from such horrific actions as the individual who went into the Amish school and not only killed five young girls but intended to sexual molest them as well.  This in my mind is perhaps the most evil actions that I have ever heard of in my life. What makes it even harder to understand is that it happened in such a loving environment, who would have ever expected it.  Other events which prompted this thought process, were the news that my brother-in law just found out that he has cancer, his heart specialist died of a heart attack, a 19 year old girl was driving 100 mph and crashed and killed a friend in the back seat, 13 U.S. soldiers where killed in one day in Iraq, and friend of my wife's sister discovered she has brain cancer and the list goes on.  I'm sure there are those who at this point will say, death is a part of life, and they are correct but my point is when death comes are you prepared to die.  I don't mean are you prepared to have your physical body cease functioning, very few of us who die actually want to leave this physical world but I am asking have you prepared yourself spiritually.  I know this sounds like rhetoric but how many of us actually believe they will die before they spend the time to at least attempt to align our soul with that of God.  Unfortunately, I would suspect far fewer than you would think.

   That is why I wanted to put my thoughts, at the guidance from God, down on paper. 

   None of us actually knows when we will physically pass from this world, I could do so while in the middle of this writing.  So, the question I need to ask myself is, am I prepared to move on into the spiritual dimension where I can serve God at a higher level, I believe I am, but the certainty of at what level is unknown and will be so until I move into that realm.  Every one of us needs to ask themselves this same question. 

   There is a God, there is an after-life and depending on your earthy actions, your soul will either live in a state of love or a state that leans more toward evil and in turn endless unhappiness.  You don't just move to the next level and miraculously have all your earthly history just wiped away. Your soul moves on as it is developed here on Earth and if you have focused mostly on you as an individual instead of on others, I'm not sure what that will lead to in the next life outside of the fact that I know God's purpose in this life is to make sure we look to try and help others open their soul's to God's love.

  In a sense that is why I started putting my thoughts down on this subject, not from the point where I feel obligated but I really want to figure out how I can get to those in this world that may or may not realize that their physical life is coming to a close.  I want to reach out and offer what guidance I can on Truth and God's presence in our lives physically and spiritually.  I want to let others know that I am afraid of dying and don't want to leave this world but it will happen. 

   Yesterday I wrote the true miracle about Jesus was how he came to know and be at one with God in the face of his upbringing and strong traditions which were contrary to him being the only human that ever totally become one with the Loving Energy we know as God.  I guess what I am trying to accomplish here is to make others aware that we face a very material world, it is apart of who we are, we are taught to fight and focus on succeeding and the way to do that is to look first after ourselves.  But as Jesus was able to break from his past, I suggest that each of us try and do the same, try and begin to look to help others first, try and feel the presence of God in your life, no matter what your situation is.  I guess you could start doing so tomorrow but what if there is no tomorrow, where does that leave your soul? (back to Spiritual Conversations )