Friday, April 16, 2021  
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How Do You Help Someone Know They Have A Soul

                                        How Do You Help Someone Know They Have A Soul


   As I was praying this morning, as I tend to do, I pray for others and that God's Loving Energy will strengthen their souls and heal them mentally, physically and most of all spiritually.  I also, ask that God's Energy flow through me so that I can in any way possible, big or small, help someone know that God's Energy is with each and everyone of us.  Then it came to me that when a person saves a life of another person, our society reacts in an extremely positive manner especially, if while saving that life they put their own life in danger.  This recognition is a very good thing, as is the action, because it means that you put another human life before your own, which is the ultimate sacrifice.  But as I continued to pray, I realized that saving someone physically, although as important as it is, isn't as important as helping someone understand that there is the Loving Energy of God within them, and that Energy can strengthen their physical being as well as their soul and in doing so perhaps put them on a path that will save them spiritually?

   I believe that such an undertaking can be accomplished in multiple ways, in fact each of us has our own individual strengths and weakness, so how we go about working with God is pretty much an individual thing but that is not the question or issue I am trying to figure out.  The question that I asked God about was this, "I am writing these papers about the conversations I have with you and Jesus, I do so not knowing if anyone will or won't read them but if they do, they are written as if  there is at least some belief in you and they feel that in some way we each have a soul." "God what if I meet someone or someone reads this who doesn't believe in the fact that you are here, very much a part of who we are, and that each of us has a soul?" "I suspect they couldn't possibly relate to it's contents, so how do I reach others that don't believe in you or that they have a soul?"

   God's answer was this, "to you, it doesn't matter whether they do or don't believe that they have a soul, the fact is they do." "Your responsibility is not to try and convince them of that fact as much as it you are to continue to pray for them, be there for them if they are hurting or in trouble and more importantly walk in the Light, doing so will project My Energy into the room where it will be felt."  "From there it is up to the individual."

   My response was, "I can pray for them, I can be there for them, but I'm not sure I have developed a level of oneness with you so that it will radiate from me enough to be felt by anyone." 

   God's answer was "any one who believes in my presence, doesn't need to understand it or is it necessary to have any certain level of oneness with me to carry My Energy into a room where others can sense my presence, the fact that you or anyone who has recognized that they have any oneness at all, it is apparent, especially to those with none."  "Remember a concept which was provided to you on a previous occasion, "Behavior reveals the true nature of ones heart." "Even those who haven't acknowledged the fact that they have a soul will know kindness in those who are living from the heart, as opposed to strictly from the body and this is how you will help them, because they will ask themselves the question, what is different about you than them."  "From there it is up to Me." (back to Spiritual Conversations )