Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Knowing What I Need To Know Comes From One Thing, Trust God


                          Knowing What I Need To Know Really Comes To One Thing, TRUST God

       For several years I have prayed to God and asked Jesus for understanding and guidance.  I have learned much about myself and the power and Loving Energy that is God and flows through all of us.  I guess I could say that through these discussions with God and times of meditation, that academically I have learned more about the purpose of life. I have learned how I am to build the foundation of my soul on the Love from God and with this go into the world and put all others before myself. 

   I know these things perhaps more intellectually than spiritually.  I continue to try and put them into effect in my life and probably fail more than succeed, but one thing came abundantly clear to me this morning and that is what the true and only path to living according to what Gods plan really is and that is TRUST.  As explained by God, "once you can put your total trust in Me then you will understand how you are meant to live".  How is it possible that it took me so long to discover this basic concept of living both in the material world and the Spiritual world. It is what the Bible is all about, it is what Jesus was teaching, the word Faith is used endlessly, isn't faith the same as trust how could I not grasp the very essence of it's meaning. 

   I guess I have somewhat trusted God throughout my life and more so over the last several years but today the idea of totally Trusting God jumped out at me and finally I recognized how and why all those in the Bible could approach life in the way they did.  Many times, as I have written, I asked myself and God, how is it that they are so dedicated, where does that drive and focus come from, it comes from Trust.  They absolutely have put all their Trust in God, they haven't given up their lives and put things on auto-control but they know, emphatically KNOW God's Love and direction is with them and in them.  They have been able to cross the physically barrier and look to God and see that the Energy that comes from saying, God I now understand that this world and the Spiritual world are one.  They no longer look to God and try to understand what God is in the physical sense, so this allows them to break down the walls which we try and surround God with so we can better understand who and what God is.

   I now know what direction I am to attempt to go with my own life, I know how hard this will be for me to totally not just say God I trust you but know that I trust God both physically and spiritually.  I know that accepting what I can't see is a major weakness of mine, so I asked God how am I going to do this, and, I was told, "know what you need to know, and start from there". ( back to Spiritual Conversation)