Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Do We Seperate Ourselves From God?

Do We Separate Ourselves From God?  

   God, the most powerful force in the universe, a God of Love, a God to be feared, a God who changed the course of human events through major miracles, a God which can heal or strike down evil regardless of the odds.  Throughout the course of mankind God has been described in each of these ways and many more, but who is God really?  We build cathedrals and majestic churches to God, we have choirs and television productions dedicated to worshiping God, there are those in the world who believe so much in their God that they kill innocent people in God's name.  We as humans have made God into something God is not, God is not about power, God is not about cathedrals, God is not about using religion as a political platform, God is about Love, purely and simply about Love and it is important to remember that God isn't removed or apart from us but God is here with us and gets frustrated when we try to separate ourselves from what God intends for us to know. God understands us as humans and appreciates that we are trying to emphasize how great we feel God is, but God would much rather we see us take the path of that which is truly meant for us and serves the ultimate purpose for our being much better, and that is to direct our funds and energy toward others who are in need of kindness. 
   I would venture to say that the material aspects of our lives that we build or do for God may in fact keep us from really knowing who God is.  The overwhelming grandeur of a large church or the idea that God has the power to make of destroy human life, makes the majority of people view God on a separate and apart plane.  I will say that God operates in a way or dimension I don't totally understand, but one thing I do know and that is, God wants us to realize that there should not be any barriers or perceived barriers which separate us from the Love that flows through our spirit and strengthens our souls.  God is here with us, Cathedrals and rituals are nice but do they serve either God's purpose or our own.  Perhaps these traditions and structures act to help us define and draw humans into the act of worship and that is good but I also suggest that we to often put to many boundaries and emphasis on traditions that they do not help us strengthen our spiritual lives. They in fact have the opposite effect, whereby hindering our ability to see and feel what God really is and wants for us to know, and that understanding does not come from physical structures or rules that direct our lives but by simple accepting the pureness and magnificence of God's Loving Energy...  (back to Spiritual Conversations)