Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Does God Really Judge Us?

 Does God Really Judge Us?

   This morning my conversation with God came about as I searched for the answer on if God judges us, the following is the outcome of that conversation. 

   As I read the Bible, or other manuscripts and listen to sermons on God and how it is said that God judges us, it strikes me as curious as to how this might be.  First, as God reminded me, God is totally forgiving, so in that case if we are extremely evil people while on Earth but find God in the last days of our physical lives do we move into the Spiritual dimension we call Heaven.  From Jesus teaching it would seem we do, as he explains in his parable about those who were asked to work in the field and received the same wages whether they began at 6:00 am or at 3:00 P.M.  Second, what are the rules to be judged by, does God have a checklist of both objectives we have to meet as well as an accumulation of the number of sins we committed and give us a passing percentage.  What if after the calculations we miss the cut by 1%.

   The fact of the matter is God doesn't make this decision or judge us as to how or if we are worthy of entering Heaven, we make that decision.  God, being pure love wants each and every human to move into the Spiritual World at the highest level we can possible reach and is here to help us as we prepare ourselves to do so while in the physical world.  The love and support God has for us, is not at the same level we have for our children as we help them to succeed in the physical world, it magnitudes greater. 

   So, what does it mean to prepare yourself for Heaven, what do all the references mean in the Bible that talk about God judging us, these are words written to help people understand that living in the physical world is greatly a preparation for moving on to the Spiritual World.  The term judging helps us to put how we behave and the consequences of our behavior into perspective.  We understand that if we do something outside of the social normal we will be judged by others therefore the idea of being judged was used to help people better understand they are accountable for their actions.  But in reality we prepare and determine our understanding of the spiritual world and how we will fit into it by how close we can bring our souls in alignment with God as we exist in this world.  This revelation is ours to determine because it is we and the "sins" (a sin being an action which through our knowledge of the Truth keeps us from becoming closer to God) we involve ourselves in, that block our Soul's access to God.

   These "sins" basically block our lines of communication with God, as a comparison, God is the pure energy of love which flows into our souls, which strengthen and develops our own Spiritual strength and closeness to God.  However, if we block the flow with what actions we individually define as sin, it would be like putting a regulator on a stream as it attempts to make its way to the ocean.  We block the natural flow of God's love and energy and this keeps us from truly becoming closer or at one with God as Jesus was able to do, and therefore the Spiritual level at which we enter into Heaven is determined by us.

  The last concept of judgment seen in the Bible is that of a final judgment day, I can't say whether there will be one or not but the fact is we all will have one regardless, because each and every one of us will eventually die and as I pointed out, it is we who mostly determines our spiritual fate, and as for the much talked about Angels which will come and sort out the good from the bad.  They will come not to throw evil doers into a fiery pit, because first this is only a metaphor, hell to evil doers is more likely to be an eternity of misery because they never developed their Soul's while here on Earth, but the Angels are advanced Spiritual beings who will mentor and teach those on Earth who have moved closer to aligning themselves with God.  The last point which needs to be made and one which almost every individual innately knows, is when I say we judge ourselves and decide at what level, the fact is God is here to help us, guide us and love us so we aren't really making the decision on how we enter the Spiritual World on our own, but God does expect us to make that decision just as we expect our children to make their own decisions, we can guide them and help them but their approach to life in the material and spiritual worlds will be theirs consciously and spiritually. (back to Spiritual Conversations)