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Does God Punish Humans?

                                                                                           Does God Punish Humans?

 "God is light and in him there is no darkness at all" (1 John 1:5).

    There is one thing in this physical world that continuously comes to surface either in public debate or in private thought and that is the question of whether God causes something to happen as punishment for our human behavior.  I am as guilty of asking this question as any one, I suppose it is human nature to want to blame someone or something for unexplained pain.  I know that even as I grow in my faith, at times I say God if you are really God how did you let this happen.  This is a human point of view, and perhaps it is not possible to ever truly remove this type of thinking from ones thought processes.  But beyond that I firmly believe, although I falter, that God does not, has not and will not inflict pain on any individual or group of people in this world. 

   You refer to the Bible and ask, what about the Old Testament where individuals like Job were put through so much misery and pain?  My take on that is life takes turns, evil exist in the world and even the best of people can suffer.  God didn't bring it on, but God is there to help ease the physical pain and is certainly there to help with the spiritual pain.  God can and does help us here on earth but remember, ultimately we all will die and move on to another dimension, what God really wants is for us to develop our souls and help others do the same.  Even more, with all my heart I believe that God is the purest and most powerful energy source in the universe, and that energy source is Pure Love, and this is what is meant in John, when it is written that "God is light and in him there is not darkness at all".  Pure love can't cause human pain, it is virtually impossible.  Some might say, "but as a human parent there are times punishment is necessary to right a child".  God doesn't work this way, and when I put the question to God, the response is "you are thinking like a human, why would you expect me to teach about Love through causing pain."  "Developing the soul is different and has a different purpose than developing the need for discipline in a child to properly function in the physical world and besides raising a child with pure love can develop a child who is very capable of living and interacting perfectly fine in the world, that is how Jesus was raised."
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