Friday, April 16, 2021  
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God's Plan

                                                                                    God's Plan

   How is it that Jesus was able to both endure and have patience with those of us in this world which not only won’t listen to him, but treat others harshly, go to war over irrelevant issues in the scheme of life, and mostly persecute him then and now. 

   He understood and understands God’s plan for the world and humanity intimately.  This obviously comes from his becoming one with God’s loving energy and aligning himself with that of God but his patience and endurance for the harmful nature of humans  was known to him by his conscious awareness of God’s ultimate plan.  Now I don’t profess to understand this plan in any great depth but I have been given some insight as to what God has designed as opposed to what we as humans view as life.  You see God does in fact have a purpose for each of us and we can refine that purpose as we move through life or not.  As I have written, by refining ones spiritual oneness with God will give one a more fulfilled life on earth. Doing so, will also allow an individual to see and move into the realm of our existence, the spiritual realm.  You then have a much higher level of awareness of God’s purpose for you in this new stage of your development.  However, all individuals are a part of God’s plan not just as individuals but as humanity, God has created, if not for a better term a type of “checks and balances” within the Universe.  This means in the physical space in which we live as well as that of the spiritual nature.  There is beauty in nature and there is disaster, there is beauty in humanity and there is disaster.  God’s plan for both is evolving we are part of that plan, as individuals and as a group.  There are those of us who will live seeking evil and those who will seek purity and love.  Then there are the largest percentage of us who are in between.  Jesus knew this, he knew that God’s plan is greater than the individual parts so when he saw the evil man could do to others he also knew that there was a tremendous amount of love to off-set that hate.  He knew that as a part of the plan the spiritual world is not separate from the physical world and for a brief time the individual can become aware of this intersection as they physically walk this earth, but few do.  Then ultimately each will become acutely aware of this once we move to our later stages in our existence. 

   Knowing the total plan gives one a perspective on how we can look to help or hurt others. The fact is, God does have a universal plan for all living elements and as a part of that plan each individual has a purpose and that purpose is the same for all of us, it is to try and care for others more than for ourselves.  Sounds simple but God knows that in our human form we may fail more than succeed.  Jesus understood this, and with this knowledge he was able to go into the world, endured very trying times, and continue to teach us that the purpose of each of us is to “go and care for the world”.   

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