Friday, April 16, 2021  
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The Resurrection of Jesus Was it Physical or Spiritual

                                                        The Resurrection of Jesus was It Physical of Spiritual?


   This morning as I began to read from the Bible, I asked myself, why am I such a slow learner when it comes to understanding who God is and how to totally incorporate Jesus teaching into my life.  It struck me that I'm not sure what the Resurrection of Jesus was really about, I mean I believe it, and it is very significant but just how significant was it.  I know this is a dumb and maybe blasphemous question for me to ask but as I try to understand how I can become more at one with God it is a question which I feel needs an answer.   I also feel that perhaps we put to much emphasis on Jesus dying and not enough emphasis on his living.  Jesus was truly a remarkable human and his teachings continue to guide us.  We all die sometime, although, his death was undoubtedly the worst possible way to be executed ever devised by man.  But, what does Jesus want us to remember about him most, that he died on the cross or what he taught us while he was here on Earth.  As my prayers moved forwarded my conversation with God continued on the path of Jesus resurrection. As I talked with God about it, I realized that I personally go between whether it was a physical or spiritual resurrection but the fact of the matter is it doesn't really matter because I do believe he came back to the physical world, although here is something to consider.  What is more impressive and applicable to how each of us might learn from either of these forms of resurrection?  Physically, it would obviously be a miracle that points directly to the fact that God intervened in the physical world brought Jesus back to live and continue teaching before he ascended into Heaven.  But think about this, what if it was the Spiritual resurrection of Jesus, this would be a great deal more telling and insightful than a physical resurrection, due to the fact that the physical resurrection had precedence when Jesus brought back Nicodemus.

    Where as, a spiritual resurrection where Jesus came back to the physical world in Spiritual form, which could be physically seen and communicated with by those still here on Earth, this would show the cross over of the Soul existing in two places at one time and then the eventual movement into the pure Spiritual world.  As I prayed further, I realized the impact that this has on my own view of God, Jesus and the place we call Heaven.  I am no different than Jesus in my make up, God created me physically and spiritually the same, with the primary difference being Jesus spiritually developed his soul to be totally at one with God, and so be it, I have a great deal of ways to go.

    Thinking about this, it came to me that this is a very enlightening concept, my soul as Jesus' did,  will take on the form of my physical body, my soul which is strengthened by the Love and Energy of God, exists as a part of which I am now.  It is not something that mysteriously transforms when we die, it is a part of us now and we are meant to develop and strengthen our soul while we are here in the physical world.  We actually exist at this point both in the physical world and the Spiritual world, when we leave the physical world we move into a realm with out all the trappings of the body. Does Heaven exist?  Absolutely, but God has created us to live in this world and God intends us to develop and grow spiritually as we do physically.  That growth comes through the Lord, through the power source of the Energy known as Love, this Energy is as concrete as any force, structure or physical law in the Universe and we have it flowing through us, we just need to realize it and accept it. (back to Spiritual Conversations)