Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Our Seventh Sense

                                                                   Our Seventh Sense


   “Where there seems to be everything , there is nothing , where there seems to be nothing there is everything.”  These where words of guidance I received from God several days ago which I made into a mini wall poster to remind me of the fact that in this world we don’t always have the proper perspective on life.

  This morning as I prayed my attention turned to the words on the poster and I asked God for some additional guidance on what was trying to be conveyed to me.  I started my conversation by acknowledging the fact that I understand that “where there seems to be everything, there is nothing” refers to our focus as humans to put a great deal of emphasis on the physical and material aspects of the world and when our lives are completed, the “everything” we have placed such a priority on will become “nothing”.  I continued to discuss the part of the phrase with God, which pointed out that “where there seems to be nothing there is everything”.  Intuitively, this is easy to understand, you can’t see God in the physical sense but God is there, but I felt God intended for me to examine and understand more thoroughly what was meant by these words. 

   So, I asked God what is it that I should better understand about this phase and the clarification came as this;

   “Where there is nothing, there is everything” is meant to convey the fact that you see, feel , touch, taste, hear and smell and these six senses allow you to operate in the physical world but in  all humans there is something additional which is equivalent to a seventh sense, and is extremely powerful and that is the capacity to give and feel love and in the scheme of things this ability is as physical in the nature of the Universe as are the six senses on earth.  With one exception, you can strengthen your seventh sense and grow in the ability to love and care for the others, but you can’t really do much to grow or strengthen your physical senses. 

   Understanding this comparison is important to each and every individual because through the process of trying to strengthen your ability to love, God’s energy strengthens the individual’s soul and prepares it to be more acutely aware of the aspects of the next realm and thus function on the higher levels intended for us to do so by God.  The other interesting component of this increased functionality of the soul is, that one not only has the ability to give and receive love on a much higher level, one has the ability to sense the presence of evil more acutely as well, whereby, if one has effectively developed the “seventh sense”, it becomes a mechanism for identifying potentially harmful situations in this world and asking for God’s loving Energy to enter a situation and diffuse it before irrevocable harm is done.

   It must also be remembered that developing and strengthening ones soul is meant not to be about us as individuals but it is more about how we carry out God’s ultimate purpose for us both here and in the spiritual realm and that is our need to care for others more than we care about ourselves.  This doesn’t just magically happen, it takes a desire to do so.

   God finished our conversation by pointing out, the six senses are made just for the physical world but the “seventh sense” is made not only for the physical world but also for the spiritual world, it is the only aspect of the human which transcends both. (back to Spiritual Conversations)