Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven

                                                               Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven


   Something that I continue to personally debate is the idea of the only way to enter into the portion of the spiritual realm we call Heaven is if you have accepted Jesus as God's Son and as one's personal Savior.  All my conversations with God regarding this point conclude with the idea that all humans regardless of religious or non-religious make-up can in fact enter into Heaven.  But, even with this assurance from God, I still find myself asking if that was the case how can so many very religious individuals believe that Jesus is the only path to Heaven.

   The answer recently came to me through a combination of notions which may not be revelations but ideas which God provided clarity too.  The first of these concerns who we are as individuals and what our purpose is here on Earth, which is simple to go into the world and care more for others more than for oneself.  The second point God has revealed to me is that our soul is in fact the key component of who we are as beings and our spirit was in existence before our physical body and some time during the physical development process of the birth cycle the two came together.  The process of living provides the mechanism for defining and refining our soul for the key phase of our existence which resides in the spiritual realm.  In effect we develop our soul's personality here on Earth. In the event a baby or small child doesn't reach a point where the soul begins to take on its spiritual personality it will move on to another physical body.  As well once in the Spiritual realm our souls continue to develop.

    Now what does this have to do with whether or not we believe Jesus is or isn't the only way to move into "Heaven", which in effect is the state of the spiritual realm where our soul ultimately reaches it's highest level of contentment or oneness with God.  Well, for our spirits to enter the next phase of our being in the most spiritually positive form, we need to attempt to live lives here on Earth in a way which moves our focus away from our instinctual desires to put our self first and move it toward putting and caring for others above ourselves. The effect of these thoughts and actions introduces God's Energy to others, thereby setting in motion the possibility of others feeling that Energy and in turn moving closer to God themselves.  Obviously, this is a bit of over simplification but fundamentally it is what God hopes each of us in some way figures out.

   So, how do we figure this out and then go about practicing the truth of caring for others more than we care for ourselves. 

   That is where Jesus comes into the picture, Jesus was sent by God to educate Earth, Jesus was human and there has been no other individual who has reached the same level of oneness with God.  Jesus perfectly represented what we should all seek and try to emulate as we live in this world.  Jesus' teachings and actions show where we need to focus our lives.  Not that we can become remotely close to who Jesus was and is, we are to try and continuously work toward achieving a higher level of oneness with the Energy of God using Jesus' teaching as our guide.  Although achieving a state of oneness doesn't have to be through believing that Jesus is the only path to Heaven, one can move closer to God's Energy through the teachings of other spiritual leaders as well, but none of these leaders had the same level of alignment of their soul with God's spiritual make-up as did Jesus, making him the ultimate example of who and how we should act and be, as we live in this phase of our lives, here in this world.