Friday, April 16, 2021  
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God Gives to Us Freely Without expectations

                                 God Gives To Us Freely Without Expectations

 "For you were once darkness, but now are light in the Lord.  Live as children of light."

    This morning when I prayed for guidance from God on a financial decision I was trying to make, I was given direction on the issue and my human response was what am I to do in return.  God's answer was "I give to you freely out of love, I expect nothing in return."  God has given much to me both materially and spiritually, and this morning the words from God lifted a cloak off of my mind and I realized what it means to care for others and do so without expectations of receiving anything in return.  You see God is within each of us, the Truth and Love which is what God is, is also what feeds and strengthens our souls.  Therefore, I am to give freely as God has given to me.  Jesus taught that much is expected of those who are given much, although I understand what is written the Bible, I now wonder if those were the words Jesus actually used.  I believe what He said or meant would have been, God loves each and every person on earth, some are more fortunate than others, but no matter what you feel you have received either physically or spiritually let that guide you as to what you give others.

   God has come into my life and with that comes peace of mind, the Spirit of the God is there for all who wish to feel the amazing energy which flows through our souls.  I feel this Energy during my morning meditations.  There is a feeling of tranquility that is God's love strengthening my spirit.  It is there, it is within me and I can physically feel the Energy within me.  I could never quite understand it when someone said, you can't see God but you can feel Him.  I always thought this was an abstract notion, now I understand, now I also understand that evil can be physically felt as well.  When negative things happen to us in life, the body reacts, it can feel pain, not physical but spiritual pain.  But you can also feel evil not just from a single tragic event but on an on-going basis, such as when I was going through some events in my life where I thought I needed to begin living my life for myself, during that time I was never really happy spiritually.  I didn't identify this feeling at the time but as I grow more understanding of the physical presence of God's love in my life and what that feels like, I can reflect back and understand the state of my physical being as Love was replaced by animosity, hate and other negative forces which exist in our lives.  I can recall the way I felt when I woke up in the morning, went through my day and went to bed at night, there was a dull feeling and maybe even a sense of hopelessness.  The Energy of God did not exist. 

   I prayed about this, this morning because I knew I wanted to write about the actual physical feeling God brings to us verses the feelings we have when that Love isn't present.  I asked Jesus how did he understand or feel the incredible difference in being totally at one with God if he didn't have anything to compare it to.  He pointed out that there were many years about his life which we have not been introduced to and during those years he lived a very normal life, a life which brought the same problems and suffering to him that we face.  He reminded me that he lost his father during those years as well as other loved ones, Jesus knew pain of the everyday human, this helped him teach and have in-depth compassion, Jesus knew life and he knew God.  He then took the understanding of both into the world so that we can better understand God's loving Energy and intent for us to feel his presence in our lives physically but more importantly, Spiritually.  My struggle is, when I leave this office, the world comes at me fast and the tranquil nature that I feel from God tends to disappear.  My goal in life is to at all times, be as at one with God as I possibly can be.  The ultimate outcome of this will be, I can help others know that when you let God's Energy come into your being,  this Energy can be felt just as strongly as one physically sees the energy of light.   

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