Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Accepting God's Presence In My Life

                                                 Accepting God's Presence in Your Life

   There are times when I think I must be the most dense individual in the world when it comes to understanding and learning to live my life knowing that God is with me and Jesus is teaching me.  It's rather strange that I indeed talk with both God and Jesus but am unable to fully live my life through them.  I, for whatever reason, have lived life in a realm which suggest I need to see to believe and I am cautious about how close one is actually able to get to another without being hurt.  I prayed about my relation to God and what came to me (and is probably advice for life in general) was to accept that God is there for me as for anyone who actually wants God to be a part of their life.  Ok, I've heard that line before and have heard the similar question a thousand times.  "Do you accept God into your life"?  These words have in the past almost taken on a negative conotation.  Like accepting God is a task and something that you have to do, not want to do, maybe even an event of last resort. 

   But the words that were spoken to me that said "just accept God", did not have this sense of accepting God as being a requirement.  They came to me as, "God is with you, God's energy will guide you and wants you to know that as you go through your day that loving energy will give you wisdom and help you live a more full life".  In other words, can't you just accept the fact that God is there for you. This is different than the over used notion that "I accept God as my savior", it is much more personal.  It brings God from being someone or something that is present in my life, to being not so at arms length, to accepting that God is the ultimate form of loving energy in this  world and that energy is working not at a distance but within me.  So as it was plainly laid out to me, " would you just let down your barriers and accept God's love and direction in your life."

   If I could only get the world to listen or for that matter, for just me to listen.