Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Trusting Gods Energy Over the Human Mind

                               Trusting God's Energy Over the Human Mind          

   I have written on several occasions that I continue to seek God's expanded presence in my life.  I have had a number of conversations with God and Jesus on various topics such as the aspects of my spiritual development, the presence of each of them in this world and beyond,  how we as humans can help make the world better, etc.  I also feel that through these conversations I have learned a great deal about what and who they are and how they do not just interact with humans but they are in fact the most integral component of who we are as humans. 

    I continue to seek the expanded presence of God's Energy in my life, and I realize this expedition, is a life long journey which only Jesus was able to complete while here on Earth.  I also understand that I shouldn't be concerned about the end point, as I am to appreciate the journey itself.  This journey follows the Path that God has assured me I and anyone who seeks a Path will be given.  But with all of this enlightenment coming together in my life, there are times when I seem to hit  barriers in my quest to bring my soul more in line with the Spirit of God.  It is as though I am incapable of moving on above my present level and get the feeling that my capacity to move any further is limited by who I am as a person and what my personal life has molded my personality to accommodate and therefore restrict my spiritual growth .   

   Part of this may be that I still carry baggage from my past in terms of who am and what negative aspects of my spiritual and personal make up I have developed. So, I continue to pray about how I might break through these earthly induced barriers and this past week God gave my some interesting insight.

   First, God explained that even though I have an impression of myself as a open minded individual who can think outside the box and receive direction which at times in contrary to my religious education, I am not as open minded as I want to believe.  Yes, I listen to both Jesus and God, yes I trust them and know that they will guide me and give me direction and yes I have said that I am willing to hear and receive their guidance and serve them as they need me.  But, and this is a big but, even though I say it, I don't really want to give up control of my life and the direction I think it should go.  I know, I really know that God knows what is not just best for me but how I can best help others in this world.  Then those negative human traits come into play and the controlling portion of my personality takes over and rationalizes that, who I am is who God wants me to be, and I am to use what I have been brought up to be to go into the world and serve God accordingly.  To some extent yes, but as God explained the danger here is I tend to let my nature take control, so first, I need to let God's guidance flow through me as my foundation then use who I am to carry out that direction.  I realize there is a fine line here but when I encounter a situation in which it is not clear as to the direction I should take, I need to continue to ask, what is Truth, then move forward according to God's spoken or unspoken direction.

   The second, interesting thing that God stated to me was, "who you are as an individual has limited your ability to accept how great of impact  my Spiritual Energy can have on your life".  In other words, I once again have confined my view of God's power to what I believe God will do for us and what we need to do for ourselves.  As it was stated to me, "you trust me but you don't totally believe in me."  "You truly don't understand the power which is available to each and every human if they let down their barriers and open themselves to the Energy I have to offer".

   There are those in this world who understand both of these concepts, they don't just know that God is there to guide us, they feel and have incorporated that incredible Loving Energy of God into their every day lives. On the other hand I am a work in progress.  I wish I could be more like them, or like Paul, Moses or maybe Jeremiah who each had God come to them and they were right out told of their purpose and direction.  But I am who I am, I will continue to pray and seek Energy from God and direction from Jesus. I will work on the my personality which has deep roots in this physical world in the hope that I can open my soul and mind to not only how powerful God is, but to let me totally accept  the guidance which is being provided on how I am to venture into the world. Hopefully, as I continue to learn who and how I can represent God in this world. I will help others have a little better understanding of how they might do so as well.  I just need to stop listening to my mind and start trusting my soul, oh that should be easy.

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