Friday, April 16, 2021  
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God Created the Universe

God Created The Universe 

God created the Universe, not just Earth.  We as humans tend to be a bit self centered when it comes to our view of who God really is and who is allowed into "heaven". We limit our view of God as a God of Earth and don't let our minds and spiritual imaginations wonder beyond the gravitational pull of this world.  We humans bracket God and our respective Spiritual leaders according to our understanding of the Bible, Torah, Koran or what ever manuscript we follow in our corresponding faiths.  Each of these writings holds Truth, and Truth and Love are God.  But we fail to understand, want to understand or possibly can't understand the vastness and power of God.  God's energy created the Universe, it fills the Universe, and along with that, the Spirit of this amazing Energy Force we call Love also exists in life throughout the numerous Solar Systems and Galaxies which make up the concept of the physical nature of the Universe.  We read the Bible and it covers about Five thousand years of time plus or minus a thousand, a drop in the scheme of creation.  Although, the fundamental message is in fact absolutely right on, we get caught up in the details and many people can't see the message for the words. 

   Open your eyes, don't wear blinders and lock into a literal interpretation of something which was written 2000 years ago which conveyed  an idea and purpose to an audience which needed to have the teachings of Jesus and others presented to them in a way they could understand it.  Jesus was God's representative from the spiritual realm to the human race.  There were certainly others but Jesus obtained the highest level of oneness with God that can be achieved because his Soul and Spirit, in fact, became one with God.  Can I say that others have not achieved this, I don't believe so, but I only know what I know through the path that I have taken to learn and grow in my relationship with God and Jesus.
   However, there is something that strikes me as both interesting and curious and that is how much we miss the point about who God is, let me ask this question.  If you are a Christian, do you believe in the fact that God is Love, that God is totally forgiving as Jesus has taught, and God will continue to forgive you for your sins as long as you seek his forgiveness?  Do you believe that he created the Universe and God was always here and will always be here?  If you believe these Truths which Jesus brought light to, but have existed long before Jesus arrived, then how do you justify the writings of those in the Bible that talk about God striking down those who are in conflict with God, God does not punish us, God is not vengeful, God is pure Love, we punish ourselves, we enter into situations which effect our lives, sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad.  We can ask the Lord for guidance and it will be given, we can ask the Lord for strength and it will be there, and anyone can ask this, anyone.  It matters not what book of earthly Guidance you read, God is God. Here is the question each of needs to ask ourselves, especially those who believe the only way to heaven is through Jesus, how do those life forms who God created within or outside of our Galaxy go to heaven if they haven't been taught that the only way to heaven is through Jesus. Obviously, there are many arguments which could be made about this statement, the least of those being, you need to believe in other life forms as well as the fact that these life forms wouldn't have been exposed to Jesus so the rule doesn't apply.  But here is what is true.  The Energy of God flows through all humans in this world and through those higher levels of life outside of this world which have been given a spirit. God created each and everyone of us for a purpose and God expects each and everyone of us to care for others. 

   The potential strength of the spirits in All is the same throughout, some are more advanced than others but each has the ability to achieve oneness with God.  But whether you believe in other life forms or not, you need to open your eyes to the real power and total love of God and then you might realize we as humans can't say who does and who doesn't go to the after-life we define as heaven, God has designed it so we as individuals can seek our own relationship with this Energy Force of Love and as we do we will begin to understand why 5000 years of writings can be scaled down to the one Truth, and that Truth is, God is Love.  That Love is given equally to each and everyone of us regardless of who we are and under whatever circumstances we exist in this physical world and regardless of these circumstances, as we seek a stronger relationship with God, our individual souls are strengthened and we realize that our purpose in life is to take this Love given to our individual beings and apply it to those around us.  (back to Spiritual Conversations)