Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Developing Spiritually is Like a Golf Swing

                        Developing Spiritually is Like Practicing Your Golf Swing

    Yesterday I went into the Post Office to mail a package and as I stood there, a man in line randomly asked what the logo on my hat represented and I told him the University of Delaware, he was very friendly and had a warm smile.  The lady in front of him got to the counter and cheerfully greeted the individual working behind the counter.  I myself was not feeling quite so friendly and wondered how is it that I pray and speak with God everyday that I don't constantly have this open friendliness to all that I meet, why do I sometimes have to consciously work at it to remember that each of the people I encounter are God's children and God is within each of them.  More so, do those like the two individuals in line just have this as a part of them and how does that come to be.

  So, I'm praying about this and several things came to me, first God said that there are days when you will not be as cheerful and upbeat as others, even Jesus had those days.  Second, everyone is an individual and although we all start out with a similar but unique soul it is up to the individual as to how it is developed and life's circumstances take that development in different directions and present different challenges.

  It is a similar concept as working on a golf or batting swing or any physical sport which requires good form.  In the case of the soul we all have similar abilities but we need to develop and strengthen our soul as we would develop and strengthen our golf swing.  Undoubtedly, by the time most of us truly begin to seek a more complete understanding of God and our spiritual life we have developed bad habits.  As a golfer we can do several things, we can choose not work on improving our swing at all and continue as we are, we can developed even worse habits or we can seek to improve on a daily basis.  This is where we need patience, the right form sometime feels odd or unnatural we do not have "muscle memory" and so we have to think about each new technique and perform them purposely but eventually if we work hard the swing becomes more natural and fluid.  This is the same as developing the spirit.  We need to work at those things that bring us closer to God and consciously practice them, eventually they will become part of our spiritual make-up and bring us closer to knowing and understanding how we are to represent God in this physical world.  Will we ever develop the perfect golf swing, maybe, will we ever totally perfect our soul, not likely but the effort we put into trying brings amazing results with far greater return that hitting a golf ball 300 yards.  

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