Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Live Your Everyday Ordinary Life Through God

                                                   Live Your Everyday Ordinary Life Through God

                             Then When Asked To Do The Extra-Ordinary You Will Be Prepared

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   There are times when I come to my computer after morning meditation and I have no idea what I am to write about (the title of this paper was written after I completed it). This morning is one of them.  It is the day after fathers day, and yesterday left me somewhat ambivalent about who I am and my relationship to God.  The day just seemed to exists, in the morning I attended church, at which our Pastor of 16 years gave his last sermon before retiring.  The afternoon held nothing more than 7 long hot hours of helping coach a baseball team, where my son, Tommy didn't even get a chance to play.  In the evening I was beat, I had several drinks and went to bed feeling very non-spiritual.  I awoke this morning and began to review my week, and frustration once again began to over take me.  I am feeling inadequate about what I have or have not been able to accomplish in my life spiritually and professionally.  I know God is trying to teach me and prepare me, I know I have a great deal to learn. However,  I think it's time to go into the world and carry what I have learned from God over the last several years and apply those teachings to others around me.  Not only that, isn't it about time to see something happen with the businesses I have been working on.  God, when? 

   Having said this, I will say that I am probably not as patient as I need to be and I'll admit at times I probably approach my spiritual growth as a task to be achieved as opposed to just letting it happen.  So, in my prayers this morning I asked God about my perceived lack of progress because I haven't gone into the world and aggressively applied myself to helping the world be a better place.  Which makes me feel like I haven't come very far in better knowing God.  God's response to me was, "when over the last 54 years have you ever felt my presence like you often do now, when have you looked at the green farms on your trip home from the beach and felt that you were experiencing heaven and that feeling can be applied to all life as you continue your journey to become more spiritually close to Me, when in the last 54 years have you really thought about truly caring for others first and are frustrated because you aren't doing so all the time, when in the past have you ask yourself when can I totally apply myself to a professional task and do so with intensity because I know it is how I have directed you to help others."  "Steve, continue as you are, your spiritual life has grown immensely and will continue to do so, but let it come not in the form of trying to accomplish a job but in the form of just letting it be something that comes from your spiritual dedication and thirst for knowing Me and Jesus better."  "As you do, you will understand what it is and how you are doing what we know you should be doing and are preparing you to do.  Live as David lived as a young man, do each of your daily tasks, no matter how ordinary, with love and dedication, know that our Spiritual Energy flows through you, the time will come when you will understand and see the giant which faces you."  "How you live each day will allow you to have the confidence that we are with you, you will know what is expected and what will need to be done to move the giant out of the way and scale the mountain, bringing the light of our Love and Spiritual Energy  for all to see and understand."  "Stand fast in your faith, continue to grow in spirit, don't be frustrated, what we will ask of you will require you to use both you earthly knowledge that you have developed and the spiritual understanding that you are continuing to develop, live in truth, trust us we are with you."  "As you hear these words know that they are directed toward you but they are meant for all, it is how each individual should try and live their lifes.