Friday, April 16, 2021  
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What Do Others See In You

                                                    What Do Others See In You

     Maria and I just returned from a wonderful vacation, where we spent five days with two other couples at one of the couple's cottage on Lake Huron.  The place had the quaintness which mostly can only be duplicated in the movies.  The beauty was in its simplicity and natural connection with nature.  We fished, we talked, we boated and looked at the sites, but mostly we just enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty of the lake.

     During these five days we talked and interacted, in doing so I experienced some interesting dynamics which lead me to write this morning's document.  What I observed in the others was interesting from the perspective that I began to notice aspects of each which I would consider negative traits.  I also began to view their real vs. their perceived priorities in life as rather trivial, although they would undoubtedly disagreed.  Then during this mornings meditation I read 2 Samuel that described David's desire for Basheba and how he slept with her then had her husband killed and married her.  That is pretty low, is no one exempt from falling away from God. This and my observations of others left me wondering about who we are and how can any of us really move closer to God and further what short or long term impression do my actions have on others and what do these actions say about me.

    I prayed about this and what I saw in the others I spent my vacation with, I need to mention that even though I began to "judge" my friends, each of these individuals are what I would consider, very good people.  During my conversation with God, I was asked an interesting question and that was "what do you see in them which you see in yourself, and for that matter, in anyone you meet or know, do you then consciously or subconsciously judge or form an opinion of them based on these slices of personality".  I began to list off in my mind each of the negative components I saw in the others and realized it could also be true that each of their so-called faults could assuredly be viewed as negative aspects of my personality as well as my own additional negative traits.  It was then pointed out to me by God that if I am to bring the Light of God and Jesus to others through my actions I need to take a look at myself from someone else's perspective.  If  I stepped back and said what do I see in the individual called Steve, does he carry the warmth of God's Loving Energy with him, do I feel that he is here to care for others or just for himself.  I realized several things, first we all, we are who we are and although most people are basically good we certainly let the small things or unimportant things in life guide our actions, second I realized I need to concentrate on seeing the positive components of all people because we all have our faults and each individual needs to learn to address their own negative issues.  Third, God made it very clear that regardless of my intentions, my actions speak louder than my intentions or words and I need to remember that as I see the negatives in those around me they will certainly see those negative things I do, and even worse, as I let others know that my goals and objectives in life are to become closer to God and more versed in the teachings of Jesus, then the my negative actions will be even more visible.  I know I am a work in progress, I know I need to be who I am and I know that at this point in my spiritual development I need to consciously think about how will others view a person who is trying to be closer to God and if I act inappropriately, I need to be aware of what signals that give others.  This is a rather new concept for me, I have struggled privately with my faults and asked God for strength and guidance to overcome them, by having the Loving Energy flow through me.

   God's Love has helped me make progress (with a great more needed) but up to now I haven't put myself on the outside and looked back at myself.  As I did this, this morning it became clear that if I want others to see what God can do for each of us I need to actively demonstrate how God wants us to act toward others.  God help me to remember not to judge and be with me as I try and make your Love visible to others.

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