Friday, April 16, 2021  
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When Do You Know You Know God

                                                                  When Do You Know You Know Go

   There are those who would ask if anyone can really know God?  A part of me understands the question and why it could be asked but my personal answer to that frame of thinking is yes you can really know God but you will not totally understand God as we walk this Earth because we continue to try and put our arms around what God is and we do so in the physical sense.  I have already written that God is pure Energy, in the form of Love, and using human words to further describe that Love, it is the most sophisticated and intelligent form of anything in the Universe.  But when do you know you Know God and why do some come to find and grow their spiritual relationship with God more than others.  I'll get to my perspective on that question but I first want to state that really coming to know God does not necessarily come in an instantaneous moment, it is not a major revelation which is described by evangelist who claim that in a flash you throw off your sins and see the light and become "born again".   I am not saying this can't happen or being born again isn't a concept, because I believe I should never say never and I'm sure that there are those who are saved venturing down this path.  But knowing God, I mean really knowing God is a process which never stops and it takes time and dedication.  Each of us has the ability to KNOW God and last night I sat and asked myself the question why do some look for and find God when others don't.  What is it that brings a human to seek a greater understanding of the strongest energy force in the Universe, Love.  I tried to view it from several perspectives, those who are young and those who are older, those with and those without.  How does the decision to move into a stronger relationship with God get started with such diversity and history of every individual?  There are multiple answers, in fact there are as many answers as there are people to ask the question and in fact everybody needs to find their own door and comfort level.  But there is one basic truth about life, whether we consciously or subconsciously understand or admit it, I believe deep down all of us know God, through the plain and simple fact that we each have a soul.  Many view those who know God as Bible pounding crusaders, who give all their money to the poor and go on missions but that is not the definition of knowing God, I mean it can be, but for 99% of the world's population it isn't.  Knowing God is as simple as caring for a child, not wanting an animal hurt, enjoying being with another person, just saying hi to someone who doesn't expect it or feeling totally lost and crying out for God's help.  God is within each of us, Knowing God; really KNOWING God is just realizing that the smallest form of positive energy you feel or seek, is in fact God in your life, what sparks that realization could be anything, what keeps it lit, is asking that it be so.  The recognition of this is when you really know God, from there it is just a matter of how well you want to understand how you can become closer to God and have this indefinably powerful form of energy we call God become more a part of your life.