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List of Thoughts and Guidance for Living Life

                                                    List of Thoughts and Guidance for Living Life

God is Love, and is the most intelligent, strongest and purest form of energy in the universe, this energy flows through all of us and we either let it strengthen and guide us or not.  Our responsibility is to try and accept this energy thereby aligning and bringing our souls closer to God.  This has a major impact on our physical lives but more importantly on our spiritual lives which transcend this world.

Love and trust God above all else

Listen to Jesus, he knows what he's talking about he's been here

Truly try and put others before yourself, not an easy task but if you work at it,it will come to pass, after all it is 
  the main thing that Jesus was trying to teach us.

Judging others, one of the most harmful of all our actions is how we judge others according to our rules, rarely do we step back and try to understand someone else's position on an issue if it is contrary to ours, if every individual approached life by asking the question, is that really how God would look at the situation, we would rid the world of war.

We all worry about material things, mostly money, it is not that money or material items need to be totally void in your life but if you are seeking a purer relationship with God, they need to be a minor focus.

Truth, it is the one thing we can mentally relate to and we can guide our lives by, truth in our lives it is what brings us closer to God, although one person's truth may not be another's so ultimately, it is any words or actions, said or even not said, done or not done which puts the well being of others before ourselves.

Purity this comes from living according to truth, seeking knowledge and living through God.

Negative obstacles in our life block our understanding and closeness to God and Jesus, these are such things as greed, lust, deceit, jealousy, envy, slander or anything that we as individuals know is wrong for us whether or not others think so or not.  These could be classified as sin since anything that blocks our relationship with God or in some way could hurt others, is essentially sin.

Positive attitude for life, live on the positive side of life not the negative, anyone can do this with effort, whether you know God or not, but with God in your life it is raised to a different level, think about it, God is pure Love, what more positive energy is there than love.

Effort, becoming closer to God and Jesus takes effort and a conscious decision to learn, pray and try and become one with them.  You don't become great at anything without effort and practice, what do you think Jesus was doing for 30 years until he went into the world to open our eyes to who God really is and what we mean to Him.

Avoiding life, we all try and stay away from things we don't want to do, we find reasons for this behavior whether consciously or subconsciously, this even happens when we know God is directing us, so when we stop avoiding God, we move to a higher plane in both the spiritual and material world.

Responsibility, right with the, not avoiding component of life, we must take on responsibility for ourselves and for others, this means trying to put into motion the above list, God and Jesus are with us, they will sit with us and give us guidance, direction, open doors and most of all give us Love but we must take on the responsibility of living and as we do, both the spiritual and physical world will look a great deal differently.

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