Friday, April 16, 2021  
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Love Not Law and The Real Miracle

                                                                Love Not Law and The Real Miracle

 I'm not totally sure where to begin this morning's writings due to the number of things I want to put forth and in a way it does justice to what I want to convey.  I suppose I should start by saying that I just returned from a trip to Salt Lake City where I and my business partner had a meeting with the Utah State Attorney General.  We were there to present our concept on how our training program could be used as part of litigation settlements where corporations have hurt or defrauded the people they are suppose to help. I truly believe that what we have to offer is exceptional but before we went I prayed for guidance as to if we were suppose to go and if so, the guidance to properly present our thoughts.  As you know by now the answer was to go and in fact the meeting went very well.  However, that may not have been the whole reason God sent me to Utah, you see I received some very interesting insight into the life of Jesus and just what an incredible person he was and how unimaginable it was that he became what he became.  As a matter of fact I believe I now understand the real miracle of Jesus.

   My partner is a remarkable individual and is truly dedicated to making this world a better place to live, he is involved not only in working toward a better environment but he spends an inordinate amount of time helping guide his synagogues' congregation. Perhaps he is one of the kindest individuals I have ever met.

   On Tuesday morning we rode to the airport together and our conversation turned to religion, I have been growing in my faith through prayer and reading and because of this I wanted to know more about the religion Jesus grew up following.  Bill explained how the church operates and how prayers are conducted.  He also gave me insight on how important the laws of the Jewish faith are and how an individual is expected to act in life.  Basically, sin in their religion is defined by some two hundred and some plus laws.  I also learned that interpretation of these laws and how they are to be followed is carried out by the Rabi. I then asked what would be one of the worse sins one could commit and his answer was interesting, he gave me two of the most unforgivable and they were murder and desecrating the Sabbath.  I asked what it meant to desecrate the Sabbath and said, something such as working.  I thought to myself, man no wonder Jesus got himself in hot water.

   Anyway we had our meeting the next day, which as I stated earlier went very well and over diner our conversation about religion continued.  Somewhere along the line I asked him if when the decisions of how to interpret the laws were being made as well as the need for other guidance was given do they pray for Gods direction, he stated that, that isn't done.  This I thought was remarkable but I then began to realize just how amazingly remarkable it was that Jesus became who he became.  Jesus taught love not law and he did so through direct conversation with God.  How could he have possibly broken from the traditions he followed for thirty years and become such a radical in the eyes of his people.  The answer is obviously it was through God's total presence within him but think about it, the Jewish laws in those times were even more entrenched in daily lives than they are now, the Jewish population where Jesus lived was the overwhelming majority much like Mormons are in Salt Lake City and for him to speak about helping others first even on the Sabbath must have been seen as an unbelievable sin.  On top of such actions, he not only teaching that individuals can talk directly to God but God is within each of us.  Can you imagine what a threat that must have been to the Pharisees, but more importantly can you imagine the frustration Jesus had as he went about his teachings.  Jesus was at one with God he knew what God want for each of us, although the contrast between what he probably really knew and how he lived is indefinable but something else was going on as well.  Jesus had those who he grew up with turning him away, not believing in him and some even pursuing his death, but He knew that they were good people he knew the Jewish religion developed and taught people how to live good lives and understand that there is a God.  What he also saw was that we are meant to put others first regardless of what it means in terms of breaking the rules which are established by humans, he knew and saw this with such clarity that at times he wondered why others didn't see it long before he was brought to this Earth.

   Then Bill asked me what I thought of the Shroud, I said I wasn't really sure and we got into a conversation about the New Testament, I explained that the Bible to me, both the New and the Old Testament were  very powerful guides to better understanding how to become closer God.  I explained that my feelings are that as with the Testaments were written by man at the guidance of God but it was also subject to the opinions of the individuals who wrote it.  He then asked if I believe in the Immaculate Conception, and I said probably but not necessarily, I went on to explain that whether Jesus was Immaculately conceived really didn't matter, because it is what Jesus became that really is the most important event that about Jesus life.

   Later that evening as I went to bed I realized that the world tends to focus on what we think are the miracles of Jesus life, such as his birth which may or may not have happened or the miracles he performed or whether he was raised from the dead physically or spiritually, the true miracle is how He became at one with God in spite of the his upbringing. Then how He went into the world and taught us that we to can also become one with God and we need to put the rules and traditions of all religions second to the most important rule of all.  That rule is first to bring God into our lives and through that presence in our lives try and follow the second and perhaps only other rule which really makes any difference in this world and that is to care for and put others before ourselves. That's the true miracle of Jesus life and that's the miracle He wanted to make a reality for each of us.
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